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February 2018 Archives

Disability discrimination lawsuit challenges convenience store

California is the most populous and the most diverse state, including in terms of disabilities. As a result, the Golden State leads the nation in responding to the needs of disabled people. State laws supplement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in requiring businesses and public facilities to allow equal access for people with disabilities.

New law protects California whistleblowers

California has been at the forefront of fighting sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination for the better part of a century. The broad and strong economy in the Golden State has required a modern and progressive approach to labor relations, driving concerns about inclusion.

California discrimination lawsuit alleges widespread racism

Discrimination has a regrettably long history in American workplaces, but the restrictions of the practice have been falling for decades. Business owners and operators in California know that it is vital for employees and work environments to leave issues of race, gender and other personal attributes off the worksite.

Wrongful termination lawsuit involves California hospital

Workers and managers need security to do their jobs properly, and freedom from retaliation in the workplace is one of the great drivers of California's economy. When someone sees a problem that can cause damage or injury, he or she must feel free to report it without concern for losing his or her job.

Nonprofit organization faces allegations of sexual harassment

Employees should always feel safe in the workplace and not be subjected to aggressive behavior or unwelcome propositions. While many industries are finally investigating cultures of objectification and sexual harassment, the nonprofit world is also facing allegations along these lines.