Disability discrimination lawsuit challenges convenience store

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Posted by Legal Team On February 27, 2018

California is the most populous and the most diverse state, including in terms of disabilities. As a result, the Golden State leads the nation in responding to the needs of disabled people. State laws supplement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in requiring businesses and public facilities to allow equal access for people with disabilities.

These laws also allow disabled people and their advocates to file a lawsuit to rectify an issue of disability discrimination. These suits can serve to provide compensation for the victims of discrimination as well as forward the cause of free access for other people who need limitations reduced in workplaces and public spaces.

A man who requires a wheelchair is suing a gas station and convenience store in Fresno County for disability discrimination after a visit to the business in late 2017. The plaintiff is alleging that he found barriers to his full use of the business in violation of ADA requirements.

While trying to buy a drink, he encountered physical and intangible problems interfering with his access to the goods and services of the convenience store. Failure to provide reasonable accommodations drops a business out of ADA compliance.

The plaintiff is seeking trial by jury and relief deemed proper by the court. This may include punitive damages as well as orders to make the defendant comply with the ADA.

Victims of disability discrimination have the right to sue for damages and relief, and an attorney may help prepare these cases for settlements, mediation or trial by jury. Legal representation can help victims fight discrimination and help make their lives whole.

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