June 2018

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Workers with learning difficulties and discrimination

Many people with learning disabilities are able to find meaningful work and contribute to society and to the workplace. The opportunities that those with learning disabilities are able to receive are in part due to legal protections and support that comes with laws such as the Americans…

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Employees allege racial discrimination at California company

California prioritizes the right to work and be free of discrimination, and Californians have more explicit rights in the workplace than most other Americans. Challenges still remain, and many members of racial minorities face them every day. An alternative energy company is facing lawsuits in Sacramento Superior…

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Employees can fight racial discrimination in the workplace

Race-based discrimination is an employment issue across the nation as well as a social ill. Many steps have been taken to eliminate racism in the last 50 years, but many employees still find inappropriate behavior may await them in the office. California has a reputation as a…

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Allies of protected groups can help prevent discrimination

California has some of the toughest regulations preventing discrimination in the workplace. However, violations still happen and it takes all of us to prevent them. A police officer in the Bay Area is alleging blatant racism in his on-the-job harassment by colleagues. The Muslim immigrant apparently suffered…

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