December 2015

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Posted by Legal Team On December 25, 2015

Am I being sexually harassed?

Sexual harassment is an extremely traumatic and disturbing experience to have to suffer through, especially in the workplace where trust and collaboration are so important. Obviously, it is difficult to work closely with someone who is sexually harassing you, and depending on the circumstances, your own productivity…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 19, 2015

You are protected from religious discrimination

Current events have placed a great deal of scrutiny on members of certain religions, and unfortunately some Americans believe that they are being good, patriotic citizens by launching a crusade against those who follow these religions. It is important to remember that the Constitution affords all citizens…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 11, 2015

California residents do not have to suffer unlawful termination

It is difficult to tell which situation is more unfortunate: being illegally mistreated at work but remaining employed or losing your job for unlawful reasons. On the one hand, you have an income and employment, but your days are likely extremely uncomfortable and stressful if you are…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 3, 2015

What are California’s whistleblower laws?

Whistleblower laws are extremely common in order to protect employees who report illegal activities in which their employers are engaging. If you inform the authorities of shady or illegal operations in which you discover your employer involved, your employer may try to fire you in order to…

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