July 2019

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You don’t have to tolerate ableism at work

When you have a disability — whether visible or not — you become consciously aware of just how much “ableism” there is around you. What’s ableism? It’s a form of prejudice against people with disabilities. In many ways, ableism is ingrained in American culture in ways that…

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Suit against financial services firm alleges age discrimination

It’s hard enough to get ahead in business without a factor beyond our control getting in our way. There are several factors that we choose, such as faith or hairstyle, along with many we do not that may change an employer’s view of us. Fortunately, California does…

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Posted by Legal Team On July 11, 2019

Were you wrongfully terminated? Here are some signs

You knew that you were an “at-will” employee, which meant that your employer could fire you for just about any reason — as long as it wasn’t based on a discriminatory reason or an act of retaliation. So how do you tell when you’ve been wrongfully terminated…

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Posted by Legal Team On July 2, 2019

African-American women are increasingly subjected to harassment

There’s good news and bad news for working women. On the one hand, sexual harassment complaints are generally on the decline. On the other hand, African-American women are increasingly likely to be victims. A new study that looked at data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)…

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