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Posted by Legal Team On November 5, 2023

Is My Non-Compete Clause Valid in California? 

A non-compete clause is often a component of a contract, and while it may make sense from the business’s standpoint, it is rarely a good thing for the employee. In such a clause, the contract typically restricts a person from working with or through a direct competitor…

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Posted by Legal Team On August 30, 2023

What Types of Retaliation am I Protected from In California?

Employer retaliation is a very real and worrisome situation. If your employer is engaging in an activity that is not fair, you have the right to say something. Yet, you may be unsure what that could mean for your job and future references. At The Armstrong Law…

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Posted by Legal Team On August 12, 2023

Am I Entitled to Bereavement Leave?

The loss of a family member is devastating. It changes the focus of any day. The last thing you can think about is going to work and having to put a smile on your face. At the same time, you also cannot afford to lose your job….

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Posted by Legal Team On July 17, 2023

How Does Assembly Bill 5 Protect Workers From Misclassification?

Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) aims to protect a range of workers, not only those employed in gig jobs and digital platform companies, such as driving and shopping services, from classification as independent contractors and requiring companies to meet an employee standard in hiring. Assembly Bill 5…

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Posted by Legal Team On February 13, 2023

How to Report Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

No one should have to endure sexual harassment in the workplace. California has strict laws governing sexual harassment in the workplace and considers sexual harassment a type of sex discrimination. California also has a process for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace and remedies for employees whose…

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Posted by Legal Team On May 17, 2022

Flaws seen in how Cal State system deals with sexual harassment

Inconsistencies have surfaced in the way the California State University investigates and resolves sexual harassment cases at its more than 20 campuses. As a result, state lawmakers have requested an independent audit in how the university system deals with such cases. These findings were disclosed in a…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 16, 2022

Two important law changes in 2022 that employees should know about

California is largely known as the most employee-friendly state in the nation. The California legislature has enacted two new pieces of legislation this year that provide hard-working employees with additional rights and opportunities. If you are a private employee, you should inform yourself as to how this…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 21, 2022

Can employers terminate an employee out on disability leave?

Like most people across the United States, workers in California are considered “at-will employees.” In general, this means employers can terminate employees at any time for any reason. The only caveat is that the termination follows a legal path for legal reasons. Numerous laws and regulations protect…

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Posted by Legal Team On July 12, 2021

Global report calls sexual harassment of women in health care a ‘major problem’

Women make up the backbone of healthcare around the world, and the Bay Area is no exception. An estimated 90 percent of nurses, and 70 percent of healthcare workers overall, are female. Yet the women who work hard every day to keep the rest of us healthy…

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Longtime executive sues Disney, ABC for sexual orientation discrimination

Workplace discrimination is not limited to low-level employees. Anyone from entry-level workers to executives can be a potential target. No matter how much power your job title seems to give you, there are likely people at your same level or above you who can make doing your…

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