July 2018

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33 percent of Latino workers report discrimination

Racial discrimination in the workplace may be illegal, but that does not mean it doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, about 33 percent of Latino workers claim they have been discriminated against at work. That’s a stunning percentage, considering today’s modern employment laws. Examples of this…

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Posted by Legal Team On July 20, 2018

Do you still get your pension after getting fired?

You plan to use your pension to retire. You’ve been planning on it for decades; it is one of the main reasons that you took this job in the first place. It’s a very good pension that should allow you to maintain an enviable lifestyle even after…

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Study: Hiring discrimination hasn’t declined since 1989

The world is a very different place today than it was back in 1989. However, in one way, researchers say that nothing has really changed since then. They claim that the discrimination that African-Americans face when trying to get jobs is exactly the same. The study was…

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Posted by Legal Team On July 6, 2018

Wrongful termination requires swift action

Employees in California might think that there isn’t anything they can do if they are terminated for a job since this is an at-will employment state. This isn’t the truth in all cases. There are limits to the reasons why employers can terminate people. If an employee…

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