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March 2014 Archives

Sexual harassment claim revived despite contract restriction

Sexual harassment can be one of the most terrifying and disgusting encounters in the workplace. Victims of sexual harassment may choose not to say anything for fear of retaliation either from their harasser or the company itself. They may also internalize the ordeal, wondering if perhaps they are the problem. Make no mistake, victims of sexual harassment are just that -- victims.

Gay schoolteacher believes he was fired for marrying his partner

We live in a progressive society that is making rapid leaps when it comes to equality. Unfortunately, while public perception may be shifting, the change may not be as quick in the professional field. California is an “at-will” employment state, which means that most employers can fire their employees “at-will.” This power is sometimes abused, as employers may simply fire employees for disagreeing with their beliefs or as an act of discrimination. Fortunately, while the law allows for termination that may be considered unfair, it does not allow for termination that is considered unlawful.

Wrongful termination costs Playboy millions

The workplace should be a place where employees can feel safe and secure based on their performance. If employees do their jobs well, they should look forward to going to work and being productive members of society. Unfortunately, the workplace can often be seen as a trap of office politics and possible discrimination. In California, employees can be fired at the will of the employer, but that doesn’t mean that employee rights can be ignored.

California employee compensated for wrongful termination

Times are tough in today’s economy, and people need their jobs more than ever to maintain the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Job loss can be one of the most devastating and stressful experiences in people’s lives. However, if employment is terminated for the wrong reasons, this may become a case of one door closing and another opening wide. While employers in California can fire their employees at will, people may be entitled to compensation if their termination was the result of unlawful practices.