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At The Armstrong Law Firm, we take a personalized approach to labor issues. Our San Francisco employment law attorneys can help you assert your right to compensation if your employer acted illegally. We have built decades of experience and resources that help us investigate every matter thoroughly while painting a compelling picture of our clients who suffered an employment law rights violation.

We will also protect you from employer retaliation if that is a concerning issue for you. Learn more about how The Armstrong Law Firm can help by calling (415) 909-3945, or you can also message us the details of your case here. Our firm does not get paid until you win.

The Armstrong Law Firm Represents Employees When They Need Help

Labor & employment laws address a wide range of cases. However, employees most commonly file claims related to civil rights and law violations. You should hold these companies accountable for what they did to you and send a larger message that it is unacceptable to do it to others in the future.

Our legal team can help you handle:

We have represented clients in negotiation meetings and the courtroom and do not shy away from taking on tough cases. Our legal team strives to achieve superior results at a reasonable rate while ensuring that our client’s legal rights remain intact. If the other side refuses to acknowledge your proven case, your labor and employment lawyer is not afraid to get aggressive when necessary either.

Why Choose the Armstrong Firm for Your Case?

Hiring an attorney who understands what you are facing and has helped others navigate similar situations makes a huge difference. Our attorneys in San Francisco are up-to-date on the current laws and are at the forefront of the industry. Some of the key reasons you will want to choose our firm for your employment legal matters include:

  • 20 years of solid experience: Experience defines the level of skill an attorney can offer to you.
  • Compassionate support: We get how this legal matter has impacted your life, and we will remain by your side to help you fight it.
  • Exceptional reputation: our employment attorneys are noted for our skill, dedication to our clients, and fairness. 

If you are struggling with any legal matter regarding employment, trust our team to be there for you. We know how challenging everything may seem right now, but we offer the resources you need to move your case forward in a meaningful way.

Understanding Your Rights as an Employee in San Francisco

In San Francisco, you have clear rights as an employee, and it is our goal, as your attorney, to make sure those rights are upheld. Expect us to help you with the following:

  • Right to a discrimination-free workplace
  • Right to fair compensation
  • Right to safe working conditions
  • Right to family and medical leave
  • Right to privacy

If you believe any of these areas have been violated, set up a free consultation to speak to our San Francisco employment attorney about your case. We will navigate through each of these areas to offer insight into what your rights are, if they were violated, and what type of legal action you can take if that is the case. 

California Awards Compensation to Victims of Discrimination, Harassment, & Retaliation

The consequences are severe for any violation of California labor and employment laws. When a business is found liable for workplace harassment, discrimination, or any other illegal employment action against you, you may recover the following damages:

Our San Francisco employment law attorney has helped clients recover:

  • Legal cost reimbursement
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost benefits and wages
  • Punitive damages
  • And more

The facts of your case determine how much compensation you could receive. Establishing this estimate is challenging without legal advice. The Armstrong Law Firm will use our resources that will help you arrive at a reasonable amount so that you know how much to ask for your losses.

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If you believe that your employer has acted unlawfully or violated any of your rights, contact a San Francisco employment law attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm for an Initial Consultation. Call us today at (415) 909-3945 or message us online.

Important: Protect Your Employment Law Case Early

You can take several steps to protect your rights if you are working in or are terminated from a potentially harassing, discriminatory, or retaliatory work environment. Doing so might even help our San Francisco employment law attorney deliver better results and outcomes for you.

Below, we have outlined a few powerful tips that could alleviate some of the initial stress:

Tip 1. Avoid Changing Your Demeanor Too Much

You do not want to make self-incriminating statements. Keep your cool and gather as much information as possible to support your case. While it may be challenging not to get upset, do your best to protect your claim by maintaining as calm of a demeanor as possible.

Tip 2. Privately Document Acts Against You and Others

It does not matter if you have Post-Its, emails, or internal memos. Make a point of saving them. This information could aid us in determining how consistent the harassment or discrimination was.

You should also get the contact information of anyone else who may have seen the incident. Ensure that you conduct your evidence-gathering mission discreetly and never try to access documents over which you have no authority.

Tip 3. Speak with a Labor & Employment Law Attorney Before Making a Move If Possible

If you are working in a hostile environment, you must report the incidents to a supervisor or human resources as soon as possible. Make written complaints and retain copies of all documents you submit as well as your employer’s responses. However, it is wise to speak with a labor and employment lawyer for legal advice beforehand.

How Our San Francisco Employment Lawyers Will Help You

Most people hire legal counsel to protect their rights. While that is undoubtedly the focal benefit, there are other ways that attorneys add value to your case. Every employment law claim is different, and we will do what it takes to deliver the results you deserve via personalized solutions.

If you hire a San Francisco employment attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm to represent your case, you can rely on us to provide:

Thorough Documentation

Your attorney will begin by gathering records related to your claims, such as your employment contract, timesheets, and other written communications. These documents will assist us in determining the scope of your claim and constructing your compensation case.

Comprehensive Investigations

Your lawyer will also conduct a thorough investigation into your workplace claim while preserving necessary evidence that speaks to relevant facts. We will examine the documents you provide and will take note of any violations we discover. Our legal team will also share this information to assert your compensation rights at the most advantageous moment.

Situation-Appropriate Negotiations

Your San Francisco employment attorney will negotiate with your employer’s defensive counsel to help you get the compensation you deserve outside of the courtroom. If settlement negotiations fail, your lawyer is ready to take your case to trial and present it in the best light possible. The Armstrong Law Firm has decades of trial experience that demonstrates a consistent ability to achieve the results clients deserve.

How Do I Know If I Need a San Francisco Employment Lawyer?

It can be an incredibly challenging decision to know if you should reach out to an attorney for guidance and support or if you should just keep working (or even move on from what you are facing). As a trusted, experienced legal team, you can expect us to always provide you with fair insight into your options. There are several situations where we recommend you contact an attorney – even if just for a consultation – to determine what your rights are:

  • You feel as though you are being mistreated, especially when it continues to happen.
  • You are being negatively impacted at work, and it is infringing on your rights or does not seem fair.
  • You cannot communicate with your employer in a reasonable manner or they will not make changes you know they need to alter.

In these situations, our attorneys will listen to your situation and offer clear guidance on what your legal rights are. The key to remember is that when you set up a consultation with our San Francisco employment attorney, there is no risk and no cost to you. We can answer all of your questions with full privacy and no obligation and offer you insight into if you should seek additional legal support. 

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