Bay Area Employment Law Attorney Protecting Employees’ Rights

We Represent Only Employees In A Variety Of Matters

Representing Employees In A Variety Of Matters

Our employment law legal team is committed to protecting employees against:

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace: If you are a sexual harassment victim, contacting an attorney for the first time can be intimidating. Our employment law lawyers can defend your rights and help you pursue justice against your harasser and employer so that you have an opportunity to be made whole.
  • Wrongful job termination: Have you been fired for an illegal reason? If so, you may be eligible for lost wages and punitive damages due to emotional stress. Talk to an employment law attorney from our firm to find out if you were terminated for an unlawful reason.
  • Discrimination and harassment: Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are illegal. Unfortunately, many employees are subject to this treatment while trying to do their jobs. We represent victims of disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, race, national origin, religion, and other forms of discrimination at work.
  • Pregnancy discrimination: An employer cannot fire or penalize you for getting pregnant or having a baby. If this has happened to you, talk to one of our employment law lawyers.

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Protecting Your Employee Rights

Some employers will incorrectly identify an employee as an independent contractor to avoid having to pay benefits. Sometimes an employer won’t pay for meal or rest breaks, or will force an employee to do extra duties before or after work for no pay. You may have been denied the FMLA or pregnancy leave to which you are entitled. These are illegal practices, and you don’t have to endure it for the fear of losing your job.

There are numerous employment laws protecting employees. We assert clients’ rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and numerous other state and federal employment laws.

Hear From Our Clients

I was sexually harassed by my manager and retaliated against after I complained. My work situation became so unbearable after I came forward that I was unable to work there anymore. Kelly Armstrong and her lawyers helped me recover from the experience and get closure so I could move forward with my life in a better way with my family. I would hire them again to help me.

– Mary G.

I was sexually harassed by my boss and was scared to come forward because I could not afford to lose my job. He did terrible things to me and management didn’t respond to my complaints until I hired Kelly Armstrong and her firm. They supported me and represented me with a comprehensive knowledge of sexual harassment law and advocacy until we got a result that I am very happy with. I recommend The Armstrong Law Firm to all sexual harassment victims.

– Janet D.

I was sexually harassed at work. I was fired right after I complained. Kelly and her team at The Armstrong Law Firm helped me negotiate a resolution that helped my family and I get our lives back on track after I lost my job. I was so upset and now I feel a lot better. Thank you and I know you will continue helping women like me.

– Lynn B.

I hired Kelly Armstrong to represent me in a wrongful termination claim. Her firm was very knowledgeable and aggressive in representing me against a company that didn’t take my claims seriously until I hired Kelly. The firm assembled a team of excellent lawyers that worked night and day for me to give me the best representation possible. I recommend them to employees who need strong lawyers to bring employment claims against employers.

– Henry L.

You Deserve To Work In A Lawful Work Environment

ou deserve a safe work space. If you are experiencing sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or harassment at work, do not quit; fight back. Complete our online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers to learn how we can help you fight back.