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Posted by Legal Team On April 21, 2024

Can Men Be Victims of Sexual Harassment?

Men can be victims of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment occurs when anyone is made to feel violated by the actions of another person. Sexual harassment in the workplace violates worker protections in every state. No matter if the person is male or female, it is always beneficial…

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How to File Wrongful Termination Suit in California

California and the federal government have very specific rules about termination of employment. California is an at-will employment state. That means that employers have the right to terminate an employee’s employment whenever they decide to do so, and sometimes, they do not have to provide a reason…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 22, 2024

Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

State and local law forbids any type of sexual harassment to occur within the work environment. Yet, what is considered sexual harassment is often confusing, and many times, victims do not know if what they are experiencing is, in fact, harassment or a violation of the law….

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Posted by Legal Team On March 20, 2024

What Happens After a Sexual Harassment Complaint Is Filed? 

As the victim of a sexual harassment claim, you can expect the process of providing information and getting the case moving to be complex but also efficient. Typically, once your claim is filed, the next step is for an investigation to occur. There are a number of…

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Is a Single Incident Enough to Constitute Harassment?

Harassment is a violating discriminatory act in the workplace. Any incident violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) constitutes harassment. California also maintains some of the most stringent state laws combating harassment in the…

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Posted by Legal Team On February 22, 2024

What Are Sexual Harassment Victims Entitled to in California?

A victim of sexual harassment in California may wonder if it is worth speaking out and reporting the incident. We hear stories of harassment that have been overlooked and ignored. Taking action often places individuals in a vulnerable position financially, physically, and emotionally. Sexual harassment victims may…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 30, 2023

California New Employment Laws Effective January 2024

New laws will take effect at the beginning of 2024. Becoming familiar with new employment laws will allow employees to recognize California employee rights and protect against unfair practices in Northern California. Increased Minimum Wage Most healthcare employees, with exemption given to California State Hospitals, outpatient facilities…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 20, 2023

Guide to California Sexual Harassment Law

Sexual harassment in the workplace takes many forms. This type of harassment can look like intimidation, teasing, inappropriate comments, demotions, or bullying. Regardless of its method of delivery, sexual harassment is illegal. Whether the harassment is initiated by a coworker, supervisor, or client, documenting the incidents is…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 15, 2023

Does My Employer Have to Accommodate Lactation Needs? 

When you have had a baby, you may take some time off to create that important bond and help your child with their first months of life. Yet, many parents worry about what happens when they go back to work, especially if they are breastfeeding. You may…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 5, 2023

Is My Non-Compete Clause Valid in California? 

A non-compete clause is often a component of a contract, and while it may make sense from the business’s standpoint, it is rarely a good thing for the employee. In such a clause, the contract typically restricts a person from working with or through a direct competitor…

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