Sexual Harassment

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Posted by Legal Team On March 22, 2024

Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

State and local law forbids any type of sexual harassment to occur within the work environment. Yet, what is considered sexual harassment is often confusing, and many times, victims do not know if what they are experiencing is, in fact, harassment or a violation of the law….

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Posted by Legal Team On March 20, 2024

What Happens After a Sexual Harassment Complaint Is Filed? 

As the victim of a sexual harassment claim, you can expect the process of providing information and getting the case moving to be complex but also efficient. Typically, once your claim is filed, the next step is for an investigation to occur. There are a number of…

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Posted by Legal Team On February 22, 2024

What Are Sexual Harassment Victims Entitled to in California?

A victim of sexual harassment in California may wonder if it is worth speaking out and reporting the incident. We hear stories of harassment that have been overlooked and ignored. Taking action often places individuals in a vulnerable position financially, physically, and emotionally. Sexual harassment victims may…

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Posted by Legal Team On December 20, 2023

Guide to California Sexual Harassment Law

Sexual harassment in the workplace takes many forms. This type of harassment can look like intimidation, teasing, inappropriate comments, demotions, or bullying. Regardless of its method of delivery, sexual harassment is illegal. Whether the harassment is initiated by a coworker, supervisor, or client, documenting the incidents is…

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Are There Protections for LGBTQ+ Employees in California?

Whether you are applying for a job or facing discrimination while already working for an employer, you may be unsure if you have the right to take legal action. Are there protections for LGBTQ+ employees in California? What should you do if you feel your rights have…

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Posted by Legal Team On June 30, 2023

How to File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in California

Sexual harassment has no place in a work environment. It is an illegal practice using discrimination, targeting an individual through inappropriate comments, touches, gestures, or pressures that may feel hostile, intimidating, offensive, and sexual in nature. If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, your employer is…

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Posted by Legal Team On April 27, 2023

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is all too common and has been largely ignored in the United States for many years. Since the advent of the Me Too movement, we are becoming increasingly aware of how intolerable behaviors that we have been forced to tolerate for years actually are. It…

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Posted by Legal Team On February 9, 2023

What is Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment?

Quid pro quo comes from Latin and means to exchange one thing for another. While the phrase may be appropriate in a variety of circumstances, it is never appropriate when used in reference to benefits in the workplace. Quid pro quo sexual harassment is when an employer…

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Posted by Legal Team On August 19, 2022

What if I get harassed at work — and I work from home?

It’s been more than two years since the pandemic forced millions of Americans to work from home. Today, many, if not most, Bay Area workplaces are back open, but many employees are still working remotely. They discovered that they preferred the convenience of working from home and…

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Posted by Legal Team On May 17, 2022

Flaws seen in how Cal State system deals with sexual harassment

Inconsistencies have surfaced in the way the California State University investigates and resolves sexual harassment cases at its more than 20 campuses. As a result, state lawmakers have requested an independent audit in how the university system deals with such cases. These findings were disclosed in a…

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