What Happens After a Sexual Harassment Complaint Is Filed? 

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Posted by Legal Team On March 20, 2024

As the victim of a sexual harassment claim, you can expect the process of providing information and getting the case moving to be complex but also efficient. Typically, once your claim is filed, the next step is for an investigation to occur. There are a number of things at this point that you can expect to occur and a San Francisco sexual harassment attorney from The Armstrong Law Firm can help.

What to Expect After a Complaint Occurs

The first step under the state’s laws is to report the incident to the appropriate state or federal agency. This includes the California Civil Rights Department in situations involving employment-related harassment, as well as the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for federal anti-discrimination laws.

Once the complaints are filed with these organizations, they are then cross-filed with the other organization, so you do not have to file twice. Then, the investigation into what occurred takes place.

This investigation is meant to be thorough to ensure that all sexual harassment complaints are taken seriously and all allegations are properly vetted. The other party involved will be given time to respond to the complaint and enter the information they believe is necessary. Once that occurs, the appropriate agency will then review the response with you as the victim.

When the Response Is Not Enough

There are many situations where this can resolve matters. Many other times, you may find the response unsatisfactory, which leads to additional steps. Typically, when there is evidence of a violation of either state or federal law, the case is then moved on to the next department, which is the legal division of the organization.

Once there, there is more investigation, and the next steps are decided. This may lead to mediation when it is possible to do so. Other times, the sexual harassment complaint is more complex and warrants a trial. This can then lead to a possible lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Do Not Feel Overwhelmed By the Process

While there are numerous steps that are required in the process and sexual harassment complaints can take some time for these departments to process, that should not discourage you from filing a valid complaint. Your attorney can help you navigate this process and relieve some of your pressure while providing information and resources to support you.

Sexual harassment lawsuits will take some time, but with a qualified attorney, you can expect to begin to see information and support right away. In sexual harassment complaints like this, it is important to know that you have rights, and as such, you should see action taken if you inform the employer of what occurred.

The investigation that occurs after a sexual harassment complaint can seem to take a long time. However, with legal guidance, you can be sure that it is being taken seriously and that the appropriate authorities are investigating the allegations comprehensively. Your sexual harassment attorney can help you navigate this process every step of the way, providing some peace of mind.