January 2019

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Posted by Legal Team On January 24, 2019

Know you right to refuse unsafe work

Every job has risks of some sort — but some are far more dangerous than others. For those occupations, certain protective measures have to be taken to ensure that workers can operate with at least some sense of personal safety. What can you do, however, when your…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 18, 2019

Moschino accused of racial discrimination in California

In an eye-opening wrongful termination lawsuit against the luxury retailer Moschino, a former employee of its West Hollywood location alleges that her manager pulled out all the stops when it came to showing her racial biases. The employee, a black woman of Haitian descent, details some startling…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 11, 2019

How do you tell your employer about your psychiatric disability?

Some disabilities are obvious to the world — while others are very much “hidden” conditions that observers can’t automatically discern just by looking at someone. Psychiatric disabilities often fall into that category of “hidden” conditions. Consequently, the people who suffer from them are often uncertain about when…

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Posted by Legal Team On January 3, 2019

New California laws address sexual harassment in the workplace

Whether you’re an employee working in California or you happen to employ others for your business in the state, it’s important to know that there are some significant legal changes that go into effect Jan. 1, 2019. Sexual harassment is being addressed in several ways in the…

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