February 2020

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Posted by Legal Team On February 28, 2020

San Francisco Police Department accused of racial bias

Is there a serious bias against blacks in the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD)? An email from a city employee who was responsible for teaching anti-bias classes to officers alleges that the discrimination toward blacks in the department is both rampant and extreme. The email, which came…

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Posted by Legal Team On February 18, 2020

California Senate settles retaliation lawsuit for $310,000

Former Senator Tony Mendoza may have resigned his position in 2018 after a flurry of accusations involving sexual harassment, but his unfortunate legacy is still hanging over California. Another six-figure settlement has been made related to the senator — but it’s the taxpayers who have to pick…

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Posted by Legal Team On February 13, 2020

What sort of work accommodations can be made for migraines?

If you’ve ever had a genuine migraine, there’s little chance you’ll confuse it with an ordinary tension headache. Migraines can be utterly debilitating — and an estimated 4 million adults in the United States suffer from a chronic form that affects them 15 days or more out…

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Posted by Legal Team On February 4, 2020

California intervenes in Riot Games discrimination settlement

Video game developer Riot Games, the company that developed “League of Legends,” has entered into a tentative agreement to pay $10 million to several former employees. The employees, all women, claimed they were victims of gender discrimination. The company received a lot of negative publicity over the…

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