October 2018

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Posted by Legal Team On October 29, 2018

Behavior Outside The Workplace May Play A Role In Discrimination Cases

Some days it seems like people know just enough to avoid serious consequences. Discrimination and harassment may be subtle enough inside the workplace to make it difficult to prove. It’s real, and it’s creating a hostile work environment, but collecting enough evidence of it at the worksite…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 25, 2018

How do you respond to sexual harassment at work?

Given the number of news stories that keep surfacing about sexual harassment in different industries throughout the country, sexual harassment is still a big problem in the nation’s workforce. Are you prepared to handle it, if it happens to you? Being the victim of sexual harassment doesn’t…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 19, 2018

San Francisco settles toxicologist’s wrongful termination suit

San Francisco has agreed to settle a lawsuit by the man who had once been its chief toxicologist for $100,000. The toxicologist filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination after he claimed that he resigned rather than participate in an unlawful act as his employer instructed. In effect,…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 10, 2018

Recognize these signs that you’re about to be fired

You have the right to report unsafe or illegal activity in the workplace, including things like safety violations or discrimination — but not all employers behave benevolently when they’re alerted to a problem. In fact, reporting a problem does have the potential of putting a target on…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 5, 2018

To stop racist comments, confront the racism head-on

Allowing a racist remark to go unchallenged conveys the subtle message that whatever is being said is somehow acceptable. That’s not good. Racism won’t stop until enough people take a stand and offer a negative response to every racist remark they hear. Responding to someone’s racist comment…

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