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January 2016 Archives

Discrimination is not limited to minorities or women

America has made great strides toward increasing equality and reducing prejudice in all aspects of life, and California leads the pack when it comes to equal treatment in the workforce. Unfortunately, humans can be judgmental, especially when a person in a position of power lets the power go to his or her head. He or she might begin to act upon their subconscious prejudices and treat people different for unlawful reasons.

New survey reveals sexual harassment in California

California is undeniably the one of the most prolific and well-known states in the entire country, and not without good reasons. A great many of our country's celebrities call The Golden State home, and of course Hollywood is one of the most widely known places in the world. In recent years, with technological advancements arriving at a more rapid pace, and with so many more people gaining access to technology, another part of California has gained widespread fame: Silicon Valley.

The ADA is much more than reasonable accommodation

If you are a disabled individual, you have probably heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act. You may even be somewhat familiar with the protections it offers to disabled individuals in America, including the ways in which it helps disabled workers find employment by making it illegal for employers to discriminate in their hiring processes based on disabilities. However, there is much more to the ADA than phrases like reasonable accommodation.

New year brings new equal pay law for California

There are many reasons people love living in California, not the least of which is the exceptional working conditions brought about by our state's powerful employee rights laws. The ADA certainly provides workers all across the country with rights and protections, but California's FEHA serves as proof that our state goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking care of workers and treating them fairly. Thanks to recent legislation, employee paychecks will be more equitable in 2016.

Helping California workers stop discrimination

There is a perception that handicapped individuals wish to be treated differently, that they expect others to acknowledge their handicap and pamper them out of pity. While there may be a few handicapped individuals for whom this is the case, many disabled individuals would be much happier if everyone ignored their handicap and treated them the same way as everyone else. This is true in the workforce as well, where disabled workers want just as much as everyone else to be productive members of their team.