Discrimination is not limited to minorities or women

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Posted by Legal Team On January 28, 2016

America has made great strides toward increasing equality and reducing prejudice in all aspects of life, and California leads the pack when it comes to equal treatment in the workforce. Unfortunately, humans can be judgmental, especially when a person in a position of power lets the power go to his or her head. He or she might begin to act upon their subconscious prejudices and treat people different for unlawful reasons.

When most people think of discrimination of any kind, including in the workplace, they think of racial or gender discrimination, with minorities and women often receiving less money for the same jobs and being mistreated in the office. However, this can sometimes lead others who do not fall into these categories to feel that their situations are not relevant, that they are not facing such discrimination because they are neither a minority nor a woman. Of course, other people can certainly face discrimination as well.

If you are suffering from a disability, for example, you could face discrimination if one of your coworkers repeatedly makes jokes about your disability. You could also face discrimination based on your age if coworkers joke about how old you are or refuse to pay you the same wage for the same position.

No matter what your circumstances, you could face discrimination; such mistreatment is not limited to minorities and women, especially when it comes to the workplace. If you feel that you are being mistreated, and you believe that mistreatment is due to discrimination, please visit our webpage. We pride ourselves on helping employees in California to be treated equally so that they can enjoy their work and be productive members of society.