October 2014

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Posted by Legal Team On October 27, 2014

Sexual harassment could be a problem in the restaurant industry

Sexual harassment is a real problem for many people in many places. Whether male or female, African-American or Caucasian, at work or at school, there are thousands of instances of sexual assault that range from inappropriate touching to lewd jokes or obscene gestures. The problem could be…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 16, 2014

San Diego disability discrimination lawsuit settled

People with disabilities are often required to lead fundamentally different lives from those without disabilities. These differences manifest themselves in more ways than just inability to use stairs or hear when someone is calling their name. Depending on the disability, people must cope in different ways, and…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 14, 2014

FEHA protections will extend to interns in 2015

We talk often about the importance of employee rights and the different protections afforded to employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Employment and Housing Act, but did you know that some of these protections will soon also extend to volunteers or unpaid interns?…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 6, 2014

Be aware of your rights as an employee

It is important to do your job well and to perform the functions of your occupation in a way that will please and impress your superiors. This often includes taking orders and being subordinate to those who are above you on the corporate ladder. However, it is…

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