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September 2015 Archives

I'm being sexually harassed at work. What should I do?

The law is very clear when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace: you do not have to suffer it. Sexual harassment can mean many different things, ranging from inappropriate gestures to lewd comments to showing graphic pictures and more. Yet despite the legal consequences of sexual harassment, it is still all too common in the workplace. If you are being sexually harassed at work, remember that the law is on your side, and you should not be afraid to take action in your defense.

Holding employers responsible for reasonable accommodations

If you are a disabled individual, you have likely heard the phrase reasonable accommodation in regards to your right to work. There are federal and California state laws in place that are designed to ensure that disabled individuals are still able to work and become productive members of society. The laws do this in various ways, one of which is prohibiting companies from discriminating in their hiring practices. Another way is by ensuring that companies allow their employees to perform the functions of their jobs.

Uber lawsuit achieves class action status

The transportation company Uber has been in the news a fair amount recently, as the drivers that make up Uber's workforce have been taking action to be classified as employees instead of their current classification as independent contractors. Such a change in classification would have many positive effects for Uber drivers, such as entitling them to benefits like workers' compensation and various other employee rights. Of course this increase in benefits would also cost a great deal of money for Uber, which is likely part of the reason that Uber is fighting not to have drivers classified as employees.

Protecting employees from gender discrimination

Everyone deserves to work at a job they enjoy, where they are happy to leave their house and collaborate with peers in order to contribute to society. In an effort to ensure that employees do not dread going to work, the government has granted employees certain rights to prevent mistreatment. California has further bolstered these rights to keep employees satisfied and productive, focusing on their work instead of on issues that make their time at work miserable.