I’m being sexually harassed at work. What should I do?

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Posted by Legal Team On September 25, 2015

The law is very clear when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace: you do not have to suffer it. Sexual harassment can mean many different things, ranging from inappropriate gestures to lewd comments to showing graphic pictures and more. Yet despite the legal consequences of sexual harassment, it is still all too common in the workplace. If you are being sexually harassed at work, remember that the law is on your side, and you should not be afraid to take action in your defense.

For many people, legal action is a last resort when it comes to sexual harassment. This is not a bad thing, as sexual harassment lawsuits can be lengthy and complicated, and it can have lasting effects on your working relationships with your employer and some co-workers. Even though a sexual harassment lawsuit is always on the table, and should never be removed from consideration, it is worth trying alternative methods of resolution in many cases.

Perhaps the first and most obvious response to sexual harassment is to communicate the issue with your harasser and supervisor. Some issues of sexual harassments are simple misunderstandings in which an individual did not intend to be offensive or did not realize that you felt uncomfortable with their actions. If your harasser shows no signs of stopping their behavior, consult your employer’s guidelines, as most companies, especially California companies, have strict policies to prevent harassment.

Unfortunately, there are many instances in which these options simply do not work, and you are left with few alternatives. If you truly feel that you are being sexually harassed, and no amount of resolution seems to work, you can meet with an attorney and attempt to resolve the issue through litigation.