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Posted by Legal Team On October 1, 2015

California, and the San Francisco Bay area, in particular, takes great pride in treating employees well, which has led to our national recognition for high employee satisfaction. Thanks to a combination of federal laws and state laws, there is a fairly simple approach to employment in California: if you want to work, and you are able to work, then you should be allowed to do so. And you should be allowed to do so free from mistreatment.

Equality is a very important concept to a great many Americans, but everyone knows that unfortunately our country is not as fair as many would like. There are still many women, African-American, disabled individuals and other demographics who are treated as second-class citizens. These demographics are overlooked when positions are being filled, and even if they find employment, they are often not given the same respect or pay as their peers.

In an effort to combat these inequalities and mistreatments, California has enacted many laws designed to protect employee rights. These rights include the right to work free from discrimination based on any factor, including gender, race, religion, age and more. Additionally, workers are free from harassment or mistreatment based on these factors as well.

There are a great many employee rights that Californians should be aware of, but having these rights and taking advantage of them are two different things. You have the right not to be sexually harassed at work, but that does not mean that you will not be sexually harassed. You can take legal action against your harasser in order to receive the treatment and respect you deserve. Visit our webpage to learn more about employee rights and how we can help you take advantage of them.