October 2017

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Posted by Legal Team On October 27, 2017

New discrimination complaint tests company contracts

Sexual harassment is more than a social problem between people when it enters the workplace. Inappropriate comments and behavior can begin a painful cycle that can destroy careers and corrode workplace morale far beyond the initial incident. California has been at the forefront of replacing a sexual…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 20, 2017

Fighting sexual harassment in California’s state capitol

Sexual harassment has returned to the forefront of public conversation with the unfolding scandal around decades of systematic harassment of women in Hollywood. This matter has grown larger than the entertainment industry, as the increased focus is putting the spotlight on businesses unfriendly to women and other…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 12, 2017

Elder care litigation is a rising topic in employment law

Employment law has expanded in recent decades to account for different populations requiring special protections in the workplace. Women, members of ethnic minorities and people with specific disabilities have all received legal validation of the right to meaningfully engage with and avoid discrimination in their workplaces. Age…

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Posted by Legal Team On October 5, 2017

Ruling favors plaintiffs in workplace discrimination suits

People with different abilities are protected by universal rights to fair employment and housing. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against potential workers due to appearances or physical health, and employees who require assistance to work may expect management’s help in engaging meaningfully with a job. When disputes…

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