May 2018

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Posted by Legal Team On May 30, 2018

Pay and benefit discrimination still affects African-Americans

If people have been part of California’s workforce for three or four decades, they can tell you that things are looking up for workers of all types. New labor laws protect employees’ needs for medical care and proper rest times, and many members of protected classes now…

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What does the ‘ban-the-box’ law mean for Californians?

Californians and their lawmakers are always striving to remain at the forefront of employee rights, as the Golden State is already one of the safest and most progressive states in labor law. New laws protect people from discrimination, arbitrary termination and other excesses of managers and employers….

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Posted by Legal Team On May 15, 2018

Former manager wins nearly $8 million for wrongful termination

Workers of all kinds and industries can measure their progress in the new laws that protect their rights in the workplace. California leads the nation in protections for office employees, onsite contractors and even freelancers. Many of these laws are vital because they make it harder to…

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California diabetic sues food chain for disability discrimination

A diabetic man who previously worked as an assistant manager in a large foodservice chain has accused his former employer of disability discrimination based on his chronic condition. His lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that his employer refused to make reasonable accommodation and later…

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