California diabetic sues food chain for disability discrimination

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A diabetic man who previously worked as an assistant manager in a large foodservice chain has accused his former employer of disability discrimination based on his chronic condition. His lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims that his employer refused to make reasonable accommodation and later fired him in retaliation.

The plaintiff’s claim for damages may be inflated to include higher economic damages than similar cases. This is because he claims he was unemployed for months after the incident and many new job applications were turned down when he described his termination.

A lawyer for the foodservice chain replied that the former manager was terminated due to performance, including an incident in which he let a guest remain on the premises while money was being handled outside of the register.

The plaintiff stated that his workload was increased by supervisors after he reported his condition, then ended his employment when he requested help in dealing with the excess work.

“I think managers need to be trained better on discrimination,” the former manager said of the foodservice chain as he testified in court. He is seeking economic damages connected to his termination as well as costs and relief as judged by the court.

Victims of disability discrimination in California workplaces have the right to sue their current or former employers in civil court. A case may halt a discriminatory practice or compensate the victim after discrimination has limited his or her work. An attorney may help assemble a civil case and forward it to a successful conclusion through settlement, jury trial or mediation.

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