March 2015

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We fight for disabled employees’ rights

It is common knowledge that employers must make reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals so that the disabled workers can still perform the functions of their job. Unfortunately, reasonable accommodation is a rather vague term, and what exactly constitutes reasonable accommodation may differ among employers. Disability discrimination is…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 20, 2015

Religious discrimination is illegal in the workplace

Make no mistake about it: discrimination exists in our society. It is a real threat to many different people, and it contributes to the negative and unfair treatment of hundreds of thousands of Americans every day. While it is a slow process of managing this discrimination among…

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Posted by Legal Team On March 11, 2015

Former Google employee accuses supervisors of sexual harassment

The San Francisco Bay Area is the proud home of many of the country’s largest Internet corporations, including Facebook, Twitter and of course Google. Many of these corporations, especially Google, boast incredibly positive work environments and impressive employee satisfaction. However, even the most high-profile businesses are not…

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Did you know you can sue for pregnancy discrimination?

Many people feel that they are treated poorly in their place of work, and a good number of these probably are. Perhaps you feel underappreciated for the work you do, or you feel that you are forced to work twice as hard as your peers for the…

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