June 2016

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Posted by Legal Team On June 23, 2016

How can an employee handle a constructive dismissal?

Unfortunately, sometimes an employee may face discriminatory or retaliatory treatment that culminates in a dismissal. But such acts are illegal and employees have rights they can act upon should the need arise. There are federal and state laws that afford workers protections against wrongful termination. Most employers…

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Employers cannot discriminate on the basis of pregnancy

Learning you are going to have a baby is a very emotional experience. Typically, there is a sense of profound joy and expectation. But there can also be worries. After all, you want your baby to come into the world healthy and you want to be prepared…

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Posted by Legal Team On June 10, 2016

What steps can employers take to prevent sexual harassment?

One of the most important aspects of any job is the environment that is created and nurtured by an employer. Most people work hard, and many jobs come with a myriad of stresses. One form of stress that is simply not tolerable is that which is created…

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Posted by Legal Team On June 3, 2016

Millions more salaried employees soon eligible for overtime

San Francisco’s booming economy owes a lot to the tech industry. The tech industry can be very competitive, and employees often have to put in long hours to get their jobs done. While workers who receive an hourly wage are typically eligible for overtime pay once they…

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