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April 2014 Archives

Men can be victims of sexual harassment, too

Sexual harassment is a multifaceted issue that can range from inappropriate gestures to inappropriate exposure. It is not abnormal for victims of sexual harassment to feel confused or angry or scared as a result of the harassment. It can make people uncomfortable at their place of work and turn an otherwise pleasant job into a daily nightmare. And while sexual harassment is often expected to be a male harassing a female, the pendulum does swing both ways.

Employee rights extend to weight in San Francisco

People have a right to feel comfortable and welcome at their place of work. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that reasonable accommodation is made for individuals with disabilities and that these individuals are not treated unfairly. And while discrimination issues such as race, gender or sexual orientation may be the more commonly discussed types of discrimination, there is a demographic that is often overlooked when it comes to employee rights: overweight Americans.

Gay man fired after suffering alleged workplace discrimination

It’s no secret that many work places are ruled by heterosexual males. While this in no way indicates that heterosexual males are prone to unfair treatment of others, in some cases personal bias can become an issue causing wrongful termination. Certain employers may be uncomfortable around individuals who are different from them in terms of race, gender or sexual orientation. When those in power abuse their authority, innocent people can be harmed.

Disability discrimination lawsuits are prevalent in California

There are a number of legal statutes in place to assist those living with disabilities. However, they are not always observed to acceptable standards. When these failures occur, disabled individuals can find justice and often receive compensation for another’s failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act or Fair Employment and Housing Act regulations.