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June 2014 Archives

California to increase protections against discrimination

Discrimination for any reason is unacceptable, especially in the workplace. If someone is doing their job properly, then why should they be treated differently to someone else working at the same standard? Sadly, many employees suffer from workplace discrimination every day, being made to feel uncomfortable or even threatened because of their race, gender, disability, age or even sexual orientation.

San Francisco area ranks first in employee satisfaction again

Those who live in the San Francisco area were treated to some interesting and wonderful news recently: the two cities with the highest ratings for employee satisfaction last year were San Jose and San Francisco respectively. The rankings were based on report card generated by a website called Glassdoor, as well as at least 700 employee reviews per each of the 50 largest United States metropolitan areas. This is the second straight year that the San Francisco Bay Area has topped the charts.

Disabled unemployment rate increases despite job growth

Recent years have seen massive gains toward equality for all people, including those with disabilities. Acts such as the ADA and FEHA have raised awareness of the difficulties that disabled people face in the workplace, and they hold employers accountable for being negligent or disrespectful of those difficulties. Still, as much as progress has been made to lessen disability discrimination in the workplace, recent data indicates that there is still work to be done.

California deputy claims he faced racial discrimination

As an employee, exercising your rights can sometimes seem like a dangerous and frightening prospect. You may fear some kind of retaliation, or be worried that you'll be fired for speaking out against those with power over you. But it is precisely because you have rights that you should not be afraid to exercise them. There are laws in place protecting employees from discrimination and sexual harassment, laws designed to promote a safe and fair workplace.