San Francisco area ranks first in employee satisfaction again

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Posted by Legal Team On June 19, 2014

Those who live in the San Francisco area were treated to some interesting and wonderful news recently: the two cities with the highest ratings for employee satisfaction last year were San Jose and San Francisco respectively. The rankings were based on report card generated by a website called Glassdoor, as well as at least 700 employee reviews per each of the 50 largest United States metropolitan areas. This is the second straight year that the San Francisco Bay Area has topped the charts.

While much of the employee satisfaction comes from the fact that great companies like Google and Twitter are based in the area, it’s safe to assume that the measures which California take to protect its employees plays a large part as well. Employee rights are important in California, where acts such as the FEHA and the ADA are taken very seriously. As a region, we take great care to ensure that employee rights are upheld. If they are not, San Francisco employees can rest assured that they won’t have to suffer any injustice in silence.

There are a number of employee rights issues that workers could have to face, including discrimination or harassment based on race, gender or sexual orientation. California protects victims of sexual harassment, be it Quid Pro Quo or Hostile Work Environment harassment. The law also ensures that disabled individuals are not discriminated against in terms of hiring potential or work ability based on their disabilities.

If you live in the San Francisco area and you aren’t happy with your place of work because you feel that you’re treated poorly, there might be legal action you can take to gain fair and equal treatment. We pride ourselves in the satisfaction of our workers in the San Francisco area, and we strive to help our employees stay satisfied by getting the protection they deserve to ensure a productive work environment.

Source: Forbes, “The Best Cities For Employee Satisfaction,” Kathryn Dill, June 13, 2014