March 2020

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Posted by Legal Team On March 27, 2020

Restaurant employees keep getting cheated out of fair wages

Just this month, another news story broke about how restaurants are trying to skirt wage and employment laws. A popular Los Angeles restaurant has been fined $2.1 million for a variety of labor violations. The California Labor Commission’s investigators performed an audit of the Genwa Korean BBQ…

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How to talk to your employer about chronic pain

When you have a chronic condition that makes it difficult for you to work, you have every reason to ask your employer to make reasonable accommodations, so you can continue working. However, getting your employer to understand what “chronic” means when you’re dealing with any debilitating and…

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Could you be discriminated against due to your service animal?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of service animals by some disabled people. Part of the problem is because so many nondisabled individuals try to pass off their pets as service animals or emotional support dogs. They make life harder for the truly disabled…

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Fears of coronavirus contagion lead to discrimination

You can’t look at the news without seeing the latest update on the Covid-19 or “coronavirus.” To add to the panic, there’s a lot of misinformation going around on the internet. There’s also a lot of racism and ignorance surfacing. In fact, discriminatory and outrageous reactions to…

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