Pregnancy Discrimination

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Is a Single Incident Enough to Constitute Harassment?

Harassment is a violating discriminatory act in the workplace. Any incident violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) constitutes harassment. California also maintains some of the most stringent state laws combating harassment in the…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 21, 2019

What forms can pregnancy discrimination take?

When you think of “pregnancy discrimination,” you may think of those days, long ago, when companies actually forbid female employees from getting pregnant. Anyone who announced they were expecting (or started to show) was summarily dismissed from their position. Well, that’s not legal anymore but that doesn’t…

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Amazon faces renewed charges of pregnancy discrimination

Imagine this: You’re pregnant. The law — and your employee handbook — guarantee you at least three 10-minute breaks during your shift. To take your break to go to the bathroom, you have to call your supervisor over and let them know that you need to leave,…

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Posted by Legal Team On November 23, 2018

Female-owned company accused of pregnancy discrimination

The Wonderful Company, which produces Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice and Wonderful pistachios, is co-owned by a self-made woman. However, the billionaire entrepreneur, once a struggling mother of two herself, is accused of being notoriously unfriendly to her pregnant employees. While the co-founder publicly espouses family-friendly policies and…

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Yay! You’re having a baby! But, wait. Is that why you were fired?

If you had been born many decades ago in California or just about any other state, grew up, got married and learned you were expecting a baby, you’d likely be like most all women of your era and quit your job (if you had one outside the…

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Posted by Legal Team On April 24, 2017

What rights do pregnant employees have in California?

Companies are notoriously hesitant to hire employees who are – or who are likely to become – pregnant. Although they won’t admit it, some businesses fear that it will cost them too much money to pay for maternity leave and pregnancy-related health care costs. Other businesses worry…

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