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March 2016 Archives

What are California's whistleblower laws?

To many people, whistleblowing has a negative connotation, bringing with it the same implication as being called a "tattletale" on the grade-school playground. While whistleblowing is often seen as a traitorous act in which a person is betraying his or her employer, it can also be seen as the highest form of honor and integrity: risking one's own employment and lifestyle to expose illegal wrongdoing. Should a person honor their integrity and turn in information?

You may be facing disability discrimination

In many cases, disability discrimination is very easy to recognize. Perhaps the most common example of obvious disability discrimination is when an employer refuses to provide reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee, or when employment is denied to a disabled person because the employer does not wish to make such accommodations. However, not all disability discrimination is quite as clear.

Hooters employees allege sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is an issue that is commonly discussed in modern society, especially as the question of gender equality in the workplace becomes more and more prominent. There are many laws, both federal and state, that provide for protections against sexual harassment in the workplace, but the overwhelming majority of the sexual harassment narrative is focused exclusively on women. Nearly every sexual harassment story that you hear mentions a woman who is alleging sexual misconduct on the part of a male co-worker, but this is not the only harassment.

We can help you take advantage of your legal rights

Sometimes being an employee can be difficult and unrewarding. Jobs are a necessity to maintain a livelihood, and yet many employees feel trapped, with little control over their destinies. The boss can do whatever he or she wants, and there is nothing the employee can do about it. In at-will employment states like California, this even means that your employer could fire you without any reason or notice.