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The San Jose employment law attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm has helped hard-working Californians get the compensation they deserve when an employer violates their rights. If you need legal advice, guidance, and protection, you can count on our decades of experience to help you achieve the outcome you deserve. We take an empathetic and personalized approach to every case while holding employers accountable for negligence, abuse, or harassment.

Deadlines and other laws applicable to your claim; ensure you find out what obligations and rules affect you by contacting The Armstrong Law Firm. Call (408) 539-6569 for a Consultation or message us online. We do not get paid until you win your case.

The Armstrong Law Firm Protects Workers in California

Several laws impact potential employment law claims in California, including federal laws. Applying them to your situation is challenging without legal advice since interpretation is subject to the facts of your case. Hiring a San Jose employment law attorney will help you clear up any confusion and gain direction toward meeting your claim or lawsuit objectives.

The Armstrong Law Firm has helped California workers navigate the complexities surrounding their employment law issues, including:

  • Disability discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Retaliation claims
  • Sexual harassment
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Wrongful termination
  • Other employment law violations

You should never pay for the illegal or negligent actions of your employer. The Armstrong Law Firm will investigate the circumstances of your case, preserve vital evidence, and build a compelling strategy that fights for what you deserve under the law.

Building Your Claim With Evidence

If you are scared about raising the issue of an employment law violation, let us reassure you that you are not alone in this situation. Employment laws are passed, enacted, and enforced for a good reason: to protect hard-working people who help companies achieve their goals. However, it is essential that you prove your case with evidence, a compelling theory, and support of relevant laws to receive these protections.

The San Jose employment law attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm will investigate your claim and preserve vital evidence, including:

  • Company documents and contracts
  • Internal messages
  • Pay stubs
  • Witness names and statements
  • Your personal notes
  • Other company records

Most employment law cases are built on circumstantial evidence, meaning that you have to provide a valid theory and supporting evidence for your claim. This strategy contrasts direct evidence of a violation. For example, you may have to prove that you were harassed through a string of messages that corroborate your story versus a video that shows an employer committing a violation. Our San Jose sexual harassment lawyer can help you build evidence that supports your case.

As you can probably tell, it is easier to prove a claim with direct evidence since it is irrefutable. However, that is a rare encounter.

That is why we take a thorough and methodical approach to every claim. We will cull through every piece of the available evidence, determine how it affects your case, and present it at the right time, whether through direct or circumstantial evidence.

Why Choose Our San Jose Employment Law Attorney

Many employees are unsure of what to do when a violation occurs. On the one hand, you might have already filed a report and are anxiously awaiting to hear back from your employer. On the other, you might fall into the category of wondering how to handle your situation and what your employer could do to make your life even worse after filing a claim or lawsuit.

Regardless of where your situation lies, California and federal laws protect your legal rights, including the prospect of retaliation. When a violation occurs, you are in the power position, not the employer. Our legal team will ensure that you remain safe if you decide to file a claim and hold them accountable for future violations.

Here are seven more reasons why hiring The Armstrong Law Firm could make a difference in your case.

  • Reason 1: The ability to apply complex laws to your case
  • Reason 2: More than 100 years of combined trial experience
  • Reason 3: No upfront attorneys’ fees
  • Reason 4: No attorneys’ fees until you win
  • Reason 5: We are a team of empathetic people
  • Reason 6: Investigatory resources to prove your case
  • Reason 7: Employment law focused

If we do not think you have an employment law claim, The Armstrong Law Firm will not recommend our legal services to you. However, where we do think there is potential, we will not let this information pass you by. Our legal team will explain our position and opinion to you so that you can evaluate whether or not filing a claim or lawsuit is right for you under the given circumstances.

The Armstrong Law Firm Is Ready to Help

Our legal team has over 100 years of combined experience. We have built our practice on the knowledge that laws are there to protect people, and sometimes, they need help asserting their rights. The Armstrong Law Firm has built a reputation for success among clients and peers alike, and we want to show you how we can deliver results for you, too.

An employment law violation is never a small issue. Our laws protect people in your situation because the harassment, abuse, or neglect is so severe. We understand what you are going through; reach out to a employment and disability discrimination lawyer in San Jose for help as soon as possible.

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We take a fierce stance against employment law violations and know how to approach every case that comes across our desk. Learn more about what our San Jose employment law attorney can do for you during a Consultation at (408) 539-6569 or by completing our intake form below. If you decide to hire us, we will not get paid for our time and resources until you win.