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Sexual harassment is a traumatic experience for men and women to face in the work environment. If you are a victim, consider discussing your case with a San Jose sexual harassment attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm. We take an empathetic approach to every case while holding your detractors accountable.

Our legal team will also protect you from retaliation over filing a claim or lawsuit. Get a Consultation with The Armstrong Law Firm by calling (408) 539-6569 or message about your case online. We do not get paid until you win your case.

The Armstrong Law Firm Protects Victims of Sexual Harassment

California law protects your right to a workplace free of sexual harassment. It also allows you to recover compensation with a proven claim or lawsuit. Proving a case is challenging, which is why you may want to discuss your situation with a San Jose sexual harassment attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm.

We have successfully won millions on behalf of our clients when confronted with:

  • Unwanted sexually explicit messages
  • Inappropriate touching and groping
  • Unsolicited, repeated romantic passes
  • Making derogatory comments
  • Firing or demoting for refusing sexual harassment
  • Other forms of sexual harassment

Winning a fair and reasonable settlement depends upon your ability to prove that you were the victim of sexual harassment, your employer knew about it, and did not make the necessary changes. Work with The Armstrong Law Firm to help you preserve evidence, either physical or circumstantial, early on in your case to protect its integrity.

California Laws Determine Your Approach to Sexual Harassment Claims

Evidence of sexual harassment is essential to have. However, the degree to which you must prove your claim depends upon the role of your aggressor. Our San Jose sexual harassment attorney will help you pursue a claim against supervisors, co-workers, and contractors while recognizing these evidentiary standards:

  • Supervisor sexual harassment: Managers and supervisors must follow strict liability standards. If they commit sexual harassment, the company is strictly liable regardless of specific facts, such as direct knowledge, past complaints, and remedies.
  • Co-worker, contractor, or customer sexual harassment: The company is only liable if they should have known about these specific facts. You must also report the sexual harassment directly to a supervisor or a similar procedure typically found in the employee handbook.

Laws also prohibit retaliation for reporting sexual harassment and pursuing legal remedies to make it stop through a claim or lawsuit. If you face intimidation or humiliation for following the law, The Armstrong Law Firm will also help you fight for additional compensation related to their actions.

Start Protecting Your Sexual Harassment Claim Now

Protect your case from the outset by avoiding common legal mistakes. Here are a few general rules to follow:

  • Step 1. Tell your aggressor to stop
  • Step 2. Maintain a private journal of events
  • Step 3. Report the sexual harassment
  • Step 4. Do not quit your job
  • Step 5. Speak with a San Jose employment attorney

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Sexual harassment is not your fault. Our San Jose sexual harassment attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm will help you prove your case. Call for a Consultation at (408) 539-6569 or by submitting our intake form below.