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Disability Discrimination

“My manager began harassing me and discriminating against me after he learned I had a disability. He was very abusive and I am the primary breadwinner for my family and children so I was scared to lose my job. He wrongfully terminated me based on false poor work performance, but The Armstrong Law Firm took my case and made fighting for me and my wrongful termination top priority until they got me a result that allowed my family and I to have closure and move forward with our lives. I am very relieved.”

Steve A.

“Other firms turned my disability discrimination case down, but the Armstrong Law Firm enthusiastically took my case and fought for me for over a year during one of the most challenging times of my life. They did extensive discovery in my case and multiple depositions. They also obtained multiple witness declarations to help me. They filed multiple motions against the other side and fought to protect my privacy from a very aggressive defense lawyer. When my case finalized, I said, Can I cry now? I was so relieved and happy. Thank you to my attorneys! If you want aggressive, caring representation, hire them.”

Sandy S.

“I developed multiple disabilities while I was employed by a high tech corporation. I was a highly skilled executive, but once they found out I was disabled and needed accommodations, they began harassing me and threatening me with losing my job. They also tried to intimidate me into resigning and demoted me when I wouldn’t. It was an incredibly stressful time in my life, which also made my disabilities worse. Kelly Armstrong and her firm spent endless hours working tirelessly on my behalf until we finally negotiated an exit strategy. I recommend her firm to all disabled employees who need help.”

Alice O.

“I was convinced I had a case but more than 40 attorneys in the Bay Area thought otherwise except for Kelly Armstrong. Although my conviction was based on my view of fairness as a long-time Silicon Valley executive, Kelly’s belief in my disability discrimination/wrongful termination case was based on her intimate knowledge of employment law, which she obviously knew better than the other employment lawyers I had approached. Over the course of the legal process Kelly and her associates were incisive, efficient, open-minded and straight-forward; she was also attuned to my anxiety and kept me calm, focused and confident. Kelly had the winning strategy from the onset and she and her associates gathered the critically important information needed to make our case. When we entered the mediation process, Kelly was at her best. With her stellar slide presentation to the mediator, which is uncommon, Kelly clarified and supported the key points of the case from our perspective. The slides set the direction we wanted and delighted the mediator who took copious notes. And the slides took the wind out of the sails of the opposing counsel. It was beautiful to watch a pro do her thing. When it was said and done, a very able Kelly Armstrong delivered as she said she would; it is as simple as that.”

Frank A.

“I was a Vice President for an international financial institution who was wrongfully terminated after I went on disability leave. I had never experienced anything like that in a lengthy and successful career. I was at a loss as to what to do as I had always had a positive performance history, promotions, raises and bonuses and felt as if I had lost my identity. I researched several law firms and after talking with and meeting Kelly Armstrong, I retained her firm to represent me. They negotiated an excellent, multi-faceted separation package that greatly exceeded my expectations. I have resumed my professional career with confidence and much appreciation. The Armstrong Law Firmdeserves a lot of credit for a great job. Thank you so much!”

Susan G.

The Armstrong Law Firm assisted me with a disability discrimination and wrongful termination action against my former employer throughout 2010. During the course of my initial and subsequent communications with Kelly Armstrong and her talented team for the litigation of my case, I quickly determined that they were aggressive and very experienced with the actionable torts to assist me in this matter. My case was complex, due to various factors related to the future prospects of my former employer, however, the Armstrong Law Firm was able to commandeer the complexities of my case and my employer’s significant risk for liability for damages. They constantly kept the pressure on the employer until the case resolved. Throughout the several months of my case, their work, regular communication and responsiveness with me and documentation were exceptional. I highly recommend the Armstrong Law Firm for any employment litigation purposes.”

Thomas H.

“I contacted The Armstrong Law Firm to help me with urgent legal matters related to my disability discrimination-wrongful termination claim. They were very helpful and supportive and helped me resolve the issues so that I was able to continue with essential benefits for myself and my husband. They also negotiated a monetary settlement on my behalf. I would highly recommend them as top notch attorneys to all employees seeking excellent representation.”

Jennifer R.

“I was represented by The Armstrong Law Firm in my disability discrimination case. I am raising my two children as a single mother and do not know what I would have done if they had not helped me with every aspect of my case from disability leave and applying for benefits to medical appointments and doctor’s notes to a larger settlement than I ever hoped for. I recommend them to all mothers who need help”

Joanna M.

Sexual Harassment Cases

“Title VII issues in the work place are difficult for any employee facing discrimination to understand and take action upon. I faced what seemed like uncertain legal odds around issues of retaliation, racial discrimination and sexual harassment in the work place. Kelly Armstrong was sage in clarifying the law in my case while advocating for my constitutional rights. The Armstrong Law Firm bolstered my confidence in the EEOC process. Kelly Armstrong brought a speedy and dignified end to years of trauma for me. We made a great team and I would hire her again in an instant.”

Erica M.

“I was sexually harassed at work. I was fired right after I complained. Kelly and her team at The Armstrong Law Firm helped me negotiate a resolution that helped my family and I get our lives back on track after I lost my job. I was so upset and now I feel a lot better. Thank you and I know you will continue helping women like me.”


“I was sexually harassed by my boss and was scared to come forward because I could not afford to lose my job. He did terrible things to me and management didn’t respond to my complaints until I hired Kelly Armstrong and her firm. They supported me and represented me with a comprehensive knowledge of sexual harassment law and advocacy until we got a result that I am very happy with. I recommend The Armstrong Law Firm to all sexual harassment victims.”

Janet D.

“Three months into my employment, my manager sexually harassed me in a very disgusting way. I was humiliated and depressed and didn’t know what to do. If I said something, who would believe me? Two weeks later, I finally couldn’t take it anymore and told Human Resources. When I realized they were scolding me for not coming forward fast enough, I started to interview lawyers and finally found Kelly at The Armstrong Law Firm. They immediately believed in my case, took charge and gave me a voice to fight back. They took me through the process step by step, kept me informed of the proceedings and garnered me a fair result. I found out first hand why, in this day and age, women who have been harassed are still afraid to come forward. The Armstrong Law Firm helped get my confidence and self-esteem back after it had been completely destroyed. Thank you so much Kelly.”

Janice F.

“I was sexually harassed by my boss for many years. I was very apprehensive to come forward because I didn’t think anyone would believe me and I didn’t want my life to be ruined. I contacted The Armstrong Law Firm and they helped me find the courage to finally speak up. They believed in me and did everything possible to fight for me against some challenging obstacles. I am now in the process of healing from everything that I have gone through. Now that I have come forward and my case is resolved, I feel that my life is better. During the lawsuit, I also discovered a new career path for myself which I am excited about. They got me a result that will better the lives of my family and I. Thank you.”

Elizabeth C.

“Sexual harassment cases can be frightening. I felt powerless and Kelly Armstrong restored my confidence and handled the sensitive nature of my case with support and reassurance. She clearly laid out my options and gave me excellent advice. My case settled in the time frame she predicted, and it exceeded my expectations. Kelly was very communicative, knowledgeable, and honest and I highly recommend her.”

Sara S.

“I was sexually harassed by my boss so many times. My employer and other managers knew, but they didn’t make him stop. He also acted so strange around me it was scary. I was afraid to complain and lose my job, especially because I was from another country and didn’t have all my paperwork yet. Kelly Armstrong is very tough and her firm worked long and hard to locate so many witnesses for me to help me with my case. Now I can have closure and peace of mind. Thank you very much.”

Natalie D.

The Armstrong Law Firm showed me authentic sincerity right from the start. I felt that the attorneys were more concerned about the outcome of the case than their financial gain. My case was mentally, emotionally and physically draining. My boss sexually harassed and assaulted me, I was afraid to lose my job as a single mom if I came forward. My self-esteem was hurt badly, how could I allow someone to do that to me? I was so scared to ever do anything, but I started calling lawyers and The Armstrong Law Firm contacted me and I hired them immediately. They really care about their clients. I was truly impressed with their knowledge, experience, ability and compassion. Thank you everyone that helped with my case!”

Karen P.

“I am so grateful to Kelly Armstrong and her great team for helping me with my sexual harassment case. They worked days, nights, weekends, whatever it took to get the job done and do the job well. They very aggressively pursued my case and spent six months locating and persuading a crucial witness to help me right before my case resolved. Their writing and presentation of my case was excellent. I finally felt….listened too. I was able to stand up for myself and walk away with the dignity, and confidence that my former employer took away from me. I would hire them again without question.”

Barbara S.

“I was first represented by another attorney who told me my sexual harassment case wasn’t worth very much and tried to get me to settle right away, but I then hired Kelly Armstrong of The Armstrong Law Firm. Kelly’s firm represented me for a year, refused to lowball the case, took great depositions getting the defendants to admit violating my rights and then we went to mediation. Ms. Armstrong and her colleagues were very understanding and did not make me feel like a victim. They treated me with respect and guided me through the deposition and mediation process. She obtained a result for me that was better than I ever imagined. I highly recommend her to all employees who want an excellent attorney and firm to advocate on their behalf. Thank you so much Kelly Armstrong, Jamie Ryker & The Armstrong Law Firm.”

Nancy N.

The Armstrong Law Firm saved my life. After being harassed by my supervisor I was terrified of losing my job for complaining. I was a stellar employee for 3+ years. I researched sexual harassment attorneys online and I came across Kelly Armstrong. I determined that she was the best, and I wanted the best. One of her attorneys, Jamie Ryker, was also 100% there for me and my questions and concerns. Kelly and Jamie’s work brought me to tears on multiple occasions. The Firm went beyond the call of duty and spent a lot of time helping me with all the different aspects of my case. My young child and I were able to financially afford to relocate to a better life in another place. I highly recommend Kelly Armstrong and her lawyers to all sexual harassment victims like me.”

Joy G.

“There were five of us female employees who were sexually harassed at work by two other employees for years. The daily sexual comments, cat calls, leering, staring, grabbing and gross remarks made us feel sick and like we were just objects. Management didn’t take it seriously until we hired Kelly Armstrong of The Armstrong Law Firm. She took over our case and made the other side pay all of us for our emotional distress. I highly recommend her to all sexual harassment victims who want her to fight for them to the finish.”

Ann M.

“I was sexually harassed by my boss for years. I complained many times, but the company never took my complaints seriously. They laughed and ignored it. I was terrified of losing my job and not being able to support my family, so I felt I had to live with the harassment for many years. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I made a formal, written complaint. It was one of the most traumatic work experiences I’ve ever had. The company went out of their way to make me very uncomfortable. That’s when I called The Armstrong Law Firm. They helped me through one of the most difficult experiences of my life and negotiated an excellent resolution for me so I could leave the company and start another, better job. I am so thankful.”

Lisa B.

“My father is a lawyer and he referred me to Kelly Armstrong. I talked to multiple law firms, but hired The Armstrong Law Firm to represent me. I was wrongfully terminated, retaliated against and sexually harassed by a powerful San Jose, California employer. The Armstrong Law Firm was very knowledgeable and aggressive in representing me against a company that previously refused to take my claims seriously until I hired Kelly and her lawyers. I am very happy with the resolution of my case and recommend them to all employees who need excellent lawyers.”

Cathy P.

“I always felt The Armstrong Law Firm provided me with the voice I couldn’t provide for myself. Their legal expertise and experience was empowering and supportive. As a successful manager for one of the largest telecommunication companies in the United States, I experienced sexual harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination. The legal team was always professional and courteous. They understood the dedication necessary to fight against a large organization. The Armstrong Law Firm fought for my rights with tenacity and empathy. Regardless of the continuous push back from my former employer they continued to always move forward. I was always aware of the status of the case and felt confident we would win.”

Sandra P.

“I was so relieved when my sexual harassment case resolved and I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. I felt trapped in my job after I complained of sexual harassment and was retaliated against by HR, but The Armstrong Law Firm helped me transition out of my job right away and obtained an excellent financial result for me. I was grateful because now I can take the time to heal and recover from what happened to me. I recommend Kelly Armstrong as an attorney for other female sexual harassment victims because they protected me when I needed it the most.”

Mary S.

“I chose Kelly Armstrong as my attorney because she is a strong female attorney who helped me and several other female employees stand up and speak for what is right and what is wrong against a large retail chain. Our employer had been ignoring our complaints of terrible sexual harassment for over a year. She forced the company to deal with wrong actions for all of us, and, in doing so, there was also a very happy settlement. After my case, I could stand up and speak for what is right and wrong. Working with Kelly has changed my life forever.”

Rachel D.

“I was involved in a very uncomfortable situation when I worked as a waitress for a chain of restaurants because my manager sexually harassed me. Kelly Armstrong made it very comfortable for me to talk about an uncomfortable situation. It was also nice to be updated often on the case so I didn’t have to worry and stress about what was happening. It was resolved very quickly compared to how long other law firms had indicated it would take. I was also grateful that we were able to get a settlement instead of having to go to trial which was scary to me. I was grateful for their professionalism. I would most definitely recommend Kelly for any employment case.”

Elizabeth P.

“I experienced sexual harassment from my manager at a large retail corporation. At a very difficult time in my life, where the sequence of events began snowballing and became progressively worse, the Armstrong Law Firm stayed the course and stood steadfast while getting me the closure that I needed. Thank you!”

Daniel H.

“I contacted The Armstrong Law Firm to help me and my co-worker because we were being sexually harassed by our manager at a large fast food chain. We had tried to complain to them but they ignored us and did not take us seriously. I do not know what we would have done without their help because they made sure that our employer did respond and compensate us for what we had been through. I recommend Kelly Armstrong to other sexual harassment victims without hesitation.”

Elisa A.

The Armstrong Law Firm helped me understand what my rights were in the workplace. They were a good support system throughout the whole process. When it all ended I walked away feeling stronger about myself. They reminded me that there are NO excuses for sexual harassment of any kind in the workplace. Anyone who is in the same place I highly recommend they seek the assistance of Kelly Armstrong.”

Mary M.

“I feel very fortunate to have been represented by Kelly Armstrong in my sexual harassment case. I think she is a great lawyer and got an excellent outcome for me. Whenever I called her, she called me right back and she negotiated for as long and hard as she could for several months to get me the maximum recovery for my case. I was very happy with my representation and result.”

Sheila H.

“I was very lucky to discover great lawyers like Kelly Armstrong on my sexual harassment lawsuit. They brought such a relief and confidence to me when they took my case and helped me out, not only legally, but emotionally too. I would highly recommend these two well-experienced lawyers for any person who suffered emotional distress by being sexually harassed and retaliated against in the workplace.”

Donna K.

Wrongful Termination

“I was wrongfully terminated by my high tech employer after I told them I needed to go on a disability leave. It was devastating for my family and I. I hired Kelly Armstrong‘s firm to help me and she did an excellent job working hard and analyzing the pros and cons of my case to formulate the strongest and most viable legal theory. My employer was persuaded to resolve my case and now I have closure. I would refer other employees to her for her representation. In fact, I already offered to refer her more clients.”

Charlotte N.

“I was unexpectedly wrongfully terminated based on disability discrimination. I was devastated especially as I have children in college. I had never experienced anything like that in my life and was struggling to recover. I hired Kelly Armstrong and they were strong and knowledgeable advocates for me. They were very strategic in advising me about all aspects of my case. They were also very supportive and understanding of what I was going through. I recommend them to other employees who need aggressive help.”

Marie C.

“I hired Kelly Armstrong to represent me in a wrongful termination claim. Her firm was very knowledgeable and aggressive in representing me against a company that didn’t take my claims seriously until I hired Kelly. The firm assembled a team of excellent lawyers that worked night and day for me to give me the best representation possible. I recommend them to employees who need strong lawyers to bring employment claims against employers.”

Henry L.

“I was a C-Level executive for an international technology company with North American offices based in Silicon Valley. During my tenure, I was asked by executives from our international parent company to perform certain tasks which violated both state and federal laws. After repeatedly objecting to the foreign owners and parent company, significant compensation was withheld and my employment was terminated. This was a complex situation involving ownership and an international parent company, yet after consulting with Kelly Armstrong, it was clear she was experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive, which is exactly what was needed in this matter. Kelly provided sound guidance throughout the entire process and handled the case masterfully, resulting in a favorable settlement package. I would highly recommend Kelly and the Armstrong Law Firm.”

Doug B.

“I was an Executive for a publicly held corporation that operated globally in the insurance industry. After I lost my job under the guise of a “reorganization,” I contacted Kelly Armstrong to handle my unfair employment practices case. I had previously seen Kelly at work and I knew I wanted her to help me through my situation. Kelly has great listening skills, is action oriented and a terrific negotiator. She will be an advocate for your constitutional rights and will constantly demonstrate her strong belief in justice along the way. In addition, Kelly is tenacious and fearless and doesn’t give up until she knows justice has been served. Thanks to Kelly and her team, I was able to get through a difficult time and experience a positive financial outcome without having to go through a long and drawn out legal battle.”

Madeline R.

“Kelly Armstrong recently represented me in a wrongful termination case against my previous employer. I picked Kelly based on glowing reviews of her work and her many published victories. I was very nervous about my case, but Kelly told me not to worry about it because they had the matter well in hand. And she was right! Kelly and her associate were well-armed, well-spoken and, because of their hard work, the case also spoke for itself. I was EXTREMELY impressed with the way Kelly and her associate presented themselves in person (their professionalism, use of technology, understanding of the law and issues) and am extraordinarily happy with the recovery they were able to garner for me! Kelly and her team are superb attorneys!”

Kathy R.

“Kelly Armstrong represented me in a delicate wrongful termination matter. I chose The Armstrong Law Firm because their attorneys have an excellent knowledge of the law. It was their strength that got me through a very difficult time in my life. I felt like they always were very truthful with me and always gave me an honest assessment of my case and my options. Kelly was very well prepared for my mediation conference and it was because of The Armstrong Law Firm‘s expertise and professionalism that I received the best possible settlement without having to endure a stressful litigation process. If you need a strong advocate to represent you in an employment matter, there is no person who can help you more than Kelly Armstrong.”

Andrea P.

Whistleblower Retaliation

“I hired The Armstrong Law Firm to help me with my case and I am so glad I chose them. They have very in depth knowledge about the law and worked very hard to develop as much evidence as possible to prove my case. They kept coming up with creative ideas to see if we could do even more to develop evidence to help me win and increase the value of my damages. They are very aggressive with the other side and always kept me up to date on what was happening with my case. I am very happy now.”

John D.

“I was a whistleblower for unlawful conduct at my job and was terminated after I complained. I hired The Armstrong Law Firm to represent me for my claims and they prepared by case exhaustively and advocated for me until it was resolved. They found a lot of evidence and witnesses and fought for me and supported me until the case was over. I would hire them again.”

Roberta S.

“I was a whistleblower who reported unsafe work conditions to my boss several times. I was also sexually harassed by another manager. I was wrongfully terminated after I complained and my house was within days of being foreclosed on, but I was lucky enough for Kelly Armstrong to agree to take my case. She moved in quickly and negotiated a resolution which allowed to me to make all of my house payments current, saved my house and gave me time to care for my husband and find another job. I don’t know what I would have done without her and highly recommend her to all employees who need a tough, highly focused lawyer.”

Jordan L.

“I was wrongfully terminated by my employer, a large nation-wide corporation, because I was a whistleblower and my age. I was devastated, upset, and very worried that my professional reputation had been permanently damaged by false accusations made by my supervisors. After months of unsuccessfully trying to cope with the severe emotional distress on my own, I finally decided to contact The Armstrong Law Firm. Kelly Armstrong and her team immediately made me feel at ease and took very good care of me. Throughout the entire process, they remained professional, patient, knowledgeable and were excellent strategists. I always felt relieved that my case was in good hands, especially based on the results that Ms. Armstrong was able to obtain for me at mediation. I highly recommend The Armstrong Law Firm to employees whose employers have wronged them.”

Justin C.

“I am a former executive with one of the world’s largest corporations. I found Kelly Armstrong through a national employment lawyer website and hired her right away after meeting with her for a whistleblower retaliation case. Her strong belief in justice led her to fight for me and she never gave up no matter how difficult the other side tried to make it. She did not give up the fight until I received a settlement offer that I was willing to accept.”

Leonard R.

Pregnancy Discrimination

The Armstrong Law Firm was so great in helping me with my pregnancy case. I was so scared to take my deposition, but they were very experienced, caring and knowledgeable and helped me through the process. They fought for me for a long time until we got a result and my family and I can now be happy with my new baby. I recommend them to pregnant mothers like me who were wrongfully terminated.”

Andrea D.

“I was out on pregnancy disability leave when my employer of six years terminated me. I had always had very good work performance and they tried to say I had performance issues. I was so upset and stressed. My husband and I depended on my income to survive financially and we could barely afford to buy groceries. I was also worried for my unborn child because of my stress. I hired The Armstrong Law Firm and my employer immediately offered me my job back multiple times. I didn’t want to go back to someone that treated me that way. So my case was resolved for an amount that I am very happy with.”

Angela M.

“My manager began harassing and discriminating against me after I told him I was pregnant and planned to take pregnancy leave. He began trying to set me up for termination by falsely accusing me of poor work performance after several years of positive performance reviews with the company. I didn’t know what to do and was scared and confused because all of the pregnancy and disability leave laws are so complicated. Kelly Armstrong and her team helped me maneuver through and achieved a financial resolution for me that sent a clear message to my employer and allowed me to resume my life in a positive way.”

Lana S.

“I worked as a successful, high performing executive for a high tech company for over four years. However, my employer terminated me just one month after I gave birth while I was on maternity leave saying that the company was restructuring. I knew their reason was false and immediately hired The Armstrong Law Firm for aggressive, highly knowledgeable and effective representation. They were willing to go all the way for me and walked out of my mediation when the other side would not bring their numbers up high enough. My case ended up settling later and I definitely recommend The Armstrong Law Firm to all women seeking aggressive lawyers willing to fight all the way to trial for them if necessary.”

Karen P.

“I contacted Kelly Armstrong because I was wrongfully terminated while I was pregnant. I was very upset because my employer fired me even though I had multiple excellent performance reviews. The Armstrong Law Firm is excellent, aggressive with the lawyers on the other side and very knowledgeable about employment discrimination law. My case resolved when we went to mediation and I am so happy with the results. I highly recommend the firm to all employees who need a very strong, experienced and aggressive advocate to navigate to the end of the legal process.”

Sarah D.

“I was terminated when I was pregnant. A reference sent me to the Armstrong Law Firm which a good friend strongly recommended to me. They explained my rights as a pregnant employee and assured me that they would fight for me. Not only was I relieved but I felt a sense of hope for me and my child. Kelly and her associate were a great team and very on top of their work. They are diligent and hardworking and presented my case beautifully to the other party. After seeing them at work and being so precise, so relaxed and on top of every little detail, my nerves disappeared and I felt very confident at whatever they brought to the table. Kelly is a sweet, but strong woman who was very dedicated to me and this case. I appreciate everything that the whole firm did for me, the staff was wonderful, the service was great and if I had to recommend anyone I would only say The Armstrong Law Firm. Thank you Kelly and your associate!”

Leslie L.

“I hired the Armstrong Law Firm to represent me in a pregnancy and sex discrimination case against my employer. My boss fired me after I told him I was pregnant and tried to say it was because of my work performance. They knew they were wrong and agreed to go to an early mediation where my excellent attorneys negotiated a settlement for me which was more than I ever could have expected and hoped for. I would hire them again in a minute and am so thankful.”

Pamela S.

The Armstrong Law Firm resolved my pregnancy discrimination – wrongful termination case in under 1 year. The compassion and professionalism of Kelly Armstrong and her associates was more than I could ask for in such a stressful time. Thank you for resolving my case quickly and effectively. You have empowered me to move on with my life. I will always be grateful.”

Alicia Y.

Race Harassment And Discrimination

“I complained several times about race harassment in the workplace and was fired. The Armstrong Law Firm spent a number of months developing evidence and witness statements for my case. When I hired Kelly Armstrong, my employer repeatedly said they would vigorously defend my case, but they settled my case after they saw all the evidence presented to them by my lawyers. I recommend the lawyers for my case to all employees.”

John M.

“My manager made derogatory comments to me about my race. I complained to human resources and they fired me. Kelly Armstrong took my case immediately and fought for me against a large international employer that refused to respond to my claims until we filed a lawsuit against them and fought them. We also negotiated terms to help me going forward in case prospective employers called them. I would hire them again.”

Linda W.

The Armstrong Law Firm handled a race harassment case for me when I was at my breaking point at work. Kelly Armstrong and her associate were a great team. From the outset, they were honest, straight forward, and protected me from further harassment and retaliation by my employer. Kelly and her dedicated team were always professional and their sense of humor made me feel comfortable on a personal level. There were times when I would call the office because I was frustrated with what was happening at work. I was always able to reach Kelly or her associate directly. They would listen to me, make me feel at ease, and immediately took care of my problems for me. I feel very lucky to have been represented by such great and dedicated lawyers. ”

Nick C.

Age Discrimination

“I hired Kelly Armstrong and The Armstrong Law Firm to represent me in an age discrimination case against one of the largest corporations in the country. I was going through a very difficult time at work with a manager that was trying to force me out and worried how I would ever find another job when I was in my 50’s in a bad economy. The Firm fought for me for a year and negotiated a multi-faceted separation package which I am very happy with. They helped me get out of a bad situation and resume my professional career in a much more positive environment. I highly recommend them and would hire them again in a heartbeat.”

Bob G.

Other – Practice Area Unspecified

“Believing I had a case against my employer, a large Silicon Valley technology company, was Kelly Armstrong. One of the few attorneys in the Bay Area willing to take on the challenge, it was Kelly’s persistent and determined approach that led to an outcome only achievable by the best legal minds. I was supported by Kelly and her team every step of the way. I was consulted on a regular basis, supported through the emotional ups and downs of legal negotiations, and treated with dignity and respect through a very difficult time. Kelly’s tenacity led to a resolution that not only kept us out of court but delivered an outcome/settlement I didn’t dream was possible. Thank you, Kelly and team!”

Lisa S.

“Kelly Armstrong and her associate recently represented me on a case (with multiple claims) against my previous employer. I was very fortunate to have attorneys who were determined to resolve my case so that I could receive the best possible outcome. I felt Kelly and her associate paid special attention to my case and made it a top priority. As a result, I was very satisfied with their work and the outcome of my case. I would definitely recommend the Armstrong Law Firm to anyone who is looking for strong, intelligent attorneys to represent them.”

Liz T.

The Armstrong Law Firm successfully resolved my case to my satisfaction in less than a year. I consulted multiple attorneys, but it was apparent to me that the lawyers at The Armstrong Law Firm were the best lawyers for my case. They only represent employees, never the employer. I am so glad that I chose The Armstrong Law Firm to represent me because they fought for my rights against my former employer. If I ever needed an employment lawyer in the future, I would choose them again and recommend them to employees seeking aggressive representation.”

William L.