Our Approach to Sexual Harassment Cases

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You may be afraid to come forward after being sexually harassed at work. Perhaps you feel ashamed, or are drained from going over the same unpleasant events again.

At The Armstrong Law Firm, in San Francisco, we understand your concerns. We will fully explain the process to you and keep you updated at each stage of your case while we take action on your behalf to hold the person or company responsible for the harassment accountable.

How We Walk With You, All the Way.

In deciding whether to pursue a legal claim for sexual harassment in San Francisco, it may help you to know a bit more about how we approach these cases. Think of bringing your case as a challenging but not overly demanding journey, with our firm as an experienced guide that will be with you every step of the way.

In all of our interactions with you, you can count on us to be supportive, confidential and focused on what’s best for you. This begins right away upon your first call to us, when a paralegal will go over our intake form with you and answer your questions about the process for pursuing a legal claim for potential monetary recovery for your emotional distress damages.

Pursuing a claim does not necessarily mean a lengthy ordeal. Granted, it will be important to gather the evidence we need and present it effectively. But because we are experienced and adept at doing this, we may be able to resolve your case at mediation. However, if the company or person responsible for sexually harassing you is not reasonable, we will not hesitate to pursue your case as far as necessary.

The Impact on You and Your Family

We realize that you are under stress, and that this probably affects those around you at home.

You may very well be in a personal relationship. You may have children. It is therefore only natural to wonder: How will pursuing a claim for sexual harassment affect family members and significant others?

There is no doubt that being sexually harassed at work can negatively affect your family relationships. As you struggle to heal from the harassment at work, you may experience problems in relationships at home and elsewhere such as with friends and/or relatives due to the traumatic effect of being victimized in this manner.

In some cases, it may make sense to get counseling to deal with these problems. What we can do is advise you from a legal perspective on the steps to make things right with your case. You may also find that your doctor advises you to seek psychological counseling so you can heal from your experiences.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

Making things right after a sexual harassment incident starts with telling the truth. It may have been difficult to admit the harassment was going on – or how badly you were hurt by it. You can move forward if you stand up for yourself and talk about the problem. You can do that confidentially with us. Additionally, if you can find the courage to come forward, you may prevent other women and people from being sexually harassed too. You can send a strong message to the employer and harasser that sexual harassment is not only not right; it is completely unacceptable in the workplace.

Think of the legal process, then, as the forum in which the truth you speak is aimed at achieving justice. Led by founding attorney Kelly Armstrong, our firm has the proven ability to take the truth you tell and present it effectively in the legal arena to fight for results.

Bringing Your Claim to a Resolution

Once we confront the person who harassed you, or the company that employed him or her, the process of seeking a resolution often moves quickly.

Employers often take sexual harassment claims seriously when a San Francisco harassment and discrimination attorney gets involved. They can also realize that it makes sense for them to make a fair offer within a reasonable time so that you have an opportunity to be made whole, but we will not hesitate to proceed formally if necessary.

If an offer for mediation or other resolution is not forthcoming, we have the litigation skills to pursue your case through the courts.

In short, we encourage you to take action to make things right after the harassment you’ve suffered. Call our law firm at (415) 909-3945 or simply fill out our easy online form.