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Sexual harassment usually starts with subtle behavior — a comment, an invitation, a tentative touch. But as time goes by, harassers often get more bold. Sometimes they cross the line from unwanted advances or inappropriate touching in a San Francisco workspace to sexual assault.

Sexual assault in a work setting is both a criminal offense and grounds for a civil lawsuit. Yet for many reasons, victims of workplace sexual assault often feel helpless to do anything about it. You can stand up for your rights. You can fight back.

Contact The Armstrong Law Firm if you have been sexually assaulted by a supervisor or co-worker. We provide the support, guidance and the experienced representation to protect you. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, attorney Kelly Armstrong has prevailed in sexual harassment cases against major California companies. Contact our San Francisco workplace sexual assault lawyer today for a free consultation.

What Constitutes Sexual Assault?

Behavior does not have to rise to the level of forcible rape to be considered sexual assault. First of all, there are degrees of sexual assault; assault can occur even with all of your clothes on. Second, the law does not consider sexual contact consensual when it involves an employee and a person in a position of authority (supervisor, executive or owner). Harassers often use threats and the power of their position to convince the victim to do things they otherwise would never do.

In addition to rape or “consensual” sex with a superior, any of these behaviors may constitute sexual assault in an employment setting:

  • Kissing you against your will
  • Lifting your skirt or shirt, or unbuttoning your blouse
  • Groping your breasts or backside
  • Placing hands down the front or back of your pants
  • Pressing against you or pulling you onto their lap
  • Holding your arms or blocking your escape
  • Disrobing or exposure by the harasser
  • Forcing or coercing you to perform or view any sex act

Sometimes sexual assaults are fueled by alcohol in after-hours scenarios. But very often, assaults are committed in the workplace by harassers who choose their victims and choose their moments. We recently brought suit against a manager who sexually assaulted a woman who was raising four kids without child support. The boss manipulated her over time and then forced himself on her, knowing that she needed to keep her job to provide for her children.

No matter how hopeless your situation seems, the law and The Armstrong Law Firm are on your side. We will fight to the end to hold your employer accountable and get justice for the sexual abuse you have endured.

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