Sexual Pictures In The Workplace

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Not everyone finds sexual images entertaining or harmless. You may find them demeaning or disturbing, making you self-conscious or making it hard to concentrate on your job. This is not something you should have to endure at work. Your employer should not condone it or make you feel like the “bad guy” for taking offense and speaking up.

Sexual pictures in the workplace are a form of sexual harassment. The Armstrong Law Firm can help you assert your rights, including suing for damages if your employer has retaliated or failed to protect you from harassment. We handle sexual harassment cases throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Are You Subjected To Sexual Pictures At Work?

In a bygone era, “sexy” pictures may have been tolerated in the workplace. Today, they are recognized as outright pornography or images that degrade and objectify women and reinforce outdated gender roles. This leads to a hostile work environment in which you feel anxious, uncomfortable or intimidated. It also fosters an environment in which other forms of sexual harassment are allowed to gain traction.

We can determine whether the sexualized images you have been exposed to constitute sexual harassment. We can help you document the behavior and what action is taken by your employer if co-workers or a supervisor have subjected you to sexual pictures:

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