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Have you experienced unwanted sexual advances at work? Have you been bothered by a supervisor or co-worker who acts like the workplace is a nightclub or dating service? Even if the person has never touched you, such behavior is sexual harassment. You do not have to put up with it. A sexual advances at work attorney in San Francisco will hold the perpetrator accountable for their behavior and help you enjoy a safe and harassment free workplace.

At The Armstrong Law Firm, we know that it can be intimidating to report harassment or uncomfortable to accuse someone you work with. We are here to make sure that your complaints are heard and taken seriously. We are here to protect you and vigorously pursue your legal remedies.

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Our San Francisco Sexual Advances at Work Lawyer Can Help

Sexual harassment includes behavior such as unwelcome advances that make you feel self-conscious, nervous, afraid or otherwise uncomfortable. Regardless of how it started or how you initially responded, unwanted advances that persist or escalate can lead to a hostile working environment. Soon you want to avoid all interaction with the person and perhaps even dread coming to work.

The harasser might be a co-worker, a supervisor or executive, or even a client or customer. Unwanted sexual advances come in many forms:

  • Pressure to go on dates or “hang out” outside of work
  • A pattern of come-ons and flirting
  • Comments about your looks or your body
  • Sexually suggestive language
  • Flowers, cards and gifts
  • Promises of job perks
  • Fondling, hugging or other inappropriate touching
  • Advances outside of the workplace

Perhaps the advances continued after you told the person you weren’t interested. Perhaps you don’t know how to discourage the behavior. Maybe you don’t want to get the person in trouble or fear that you will lose your job. Perhaps you have experienced threats or retaliation for refusing advances.

Attorney Kelly Armstrong and her team at The Armstrong Law Firm will explain your rights and walk you through the steps of documenting the behavior, reporting the harassment to your company and filing a complaint with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing as a precursor to a lawsuit. We are here to protect you and fight for you.

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