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Employers in California are liable for the harassing conduct of a co-worker if you have made a sexual harassment complaint and the harassment continues. If you have co-worker who is sexually harassing you, contact The Armstrong Law Firm to learn about your legal rights.

The attorneys of The Armstrong Law Firm, in San Francisco and Oakland have helped many employees fight to protect their rights. Our co-worker sexual harassment attorneys in San Francisco investigate and document everything and prepare your claim for maximum monetary damages, but never forget that you shouldn’t have to quit your job to protect yourself. We fight aggressively to protect your rights and your job status, while making sure your employer understands that allowing sexual harassment to continue is unlawful.

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Contact us to arrange a free consultation about your claim. We will explain the law clearly and help you understand your options. We will also give you an honest evaluation of whether the courts are likely to see things your way. We know that you need an honest, hardworking lawyer at your side right now.

Is a co-worker engaging in any of these types of behavior?

  • Unwelcome touching, physical contact or encroachment on your physical space
  • Dirty jokes, inappropriate language
  • Unwelcome emails or phone calls
  • Inappropriate content on computer screen
  • Spreading rumors or gossip about you

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