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Sexual harassment takes many forms, from unwelcome touching to sexual language. Even non-verbal gestures can be sexual harassment when the behavior makes you feel degraded or threatened. A San Francisco obscene gesture attorney can help you if you’ve been harassed or intimidated in the workplace.

If you have endured obscene gestures in the workplace, The Armstrong Law Firm can take action to protect you from the harasser and hold your employer accountable. We handle sexual harassment cases throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Have You Been The Target Of Obscene Gestures At Work?

Sometimes a co-worker or supervisor is trying to be funny or does not realize that the behavior is offensive. However, non-verbal gestures may constitute sexual harassment if the behavior is sexual in nature and makes you uncomfortable, even if the gestures are not specifically aimed at you.

Examples of sexual gestures that may cross the line into harassment and a hostile work environment:

  • Hip thrusts and other sexually suggestive actions
  • Hand gestures that simulate sex acts
  • Obscene gestures with the lips or tongue
  • Simulating groping or touching
  • Use of the middle finger in a threatening or sexual way
  • Body language used to corner, trap or threaten
  • Leering, ogling and suggestive facial expressions

Obscene gestures may be part of a pattern of offensive behavior, or they may be used to silently harass someone without witnesses. It is important to document every instance of such behavior and to report it to the company. Our attorneys can help you establish the basis for a sexual harassment claim in San Francisco so that you get justice for what you have endured.

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