Coping With Being a Sexual Harassment Victim

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Victims of sexual harassment may feel conflicting emotions. On the one hand, they may feel anger, disgust and a loss of self-esteem. On the other hand, they may feel afraid and anxious about the possibility of losing their jobs; especially if the CEO, the owner or manager of the company where they work is the person harassing them. A sexual harassment lawyer in San Francisco may be able to help you hold the perpetrator responsible and secure damages in your case.

How Do You Cope With A Violation Of Your Rights?

Many victims of sexual harassment in the workplace fear that reporting the matter will result in retaliation. Perhaps their boss will demote them, give them a poor work performance evaluation, or simply fire them. Worse yet, victims may fear that no one will believe them.

You Don’t Have To Tolerate Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

If you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace, the attorneys at The Armstrong Law Firm want you to know that you do have rights. There is legal recourse. You have a right to fight against inappropriate conduct.

Are you feeling the mental stress that comes with any form of sexual harassment?

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Sexually explicit jokes, language, phone calls or emails
  • Denied promotion or job opportunities
  • Demands for a date or sexual favors in return for something, quid pro quo sexual harassment
  • Retaliation or hostile work environment

Both the California Fair Employment and Housing Act and federal law prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. In California if a manager engages in sex harassment against an employee under their direct supervision, the company may be held strictly liable (responsible regardless of fault). Furthermore, it is against the law for employers to retaliate against you because you complained about sexual harassment.

Stand Up For What’s Right

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