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Pornography has no place in a work setting. Exposure to pornographic images, directly or indirectly, can make you feel uncomfortable, objectified or threatened, creating a hostile work environment. In other words, pornography in the workplace is a violation of sexual harassment laws. A San Francisco inappropriate workplace images attorney can help you exercise your right to a safe workplace.

Have you received pornographic messages on your computer or been subjected to pornography on a co-worker’s computer screen? The Armstrong Law Firm can put an end to the offensive behavior and pursue your legal remedies. We handle sexual harassment litigation across the Bay Area. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Have You Been Subjected Adult Images At Work?

Although most employers have a rule against it, viewing of online pornography is rampant in the workplace. Whether it is a co-worker or a supervisor who is viewing or sending pornography, you have the right to be free from offensive and sexualized images at work.

Computer pornography in any form (videos, photos, animations, graphic text) may be sexual harassment:

  • Emailed images or email attachments
  • “Sexting” of nude or pornographic images to your cellphone
  • Pornography displayed on a co-worker’s computer or screensaver
  • Verbal descriptions of pornographic content
  • Two or more co-workers gathered around a computer watching porn

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