Refusing Sexual Advances in the Workplace

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One of the most troubling aspects of workplace sexual harassment is fear of what will happen if you resist. Will the person get violent or spread lies about you? Will you lose your job or get bad references if you quit? If you speak up, will you be believed and supported?

For too many victims, refusing sexual advances is not an option, or a last resort only when the harassment escalates. At The Armstrong Law Firm, we want to empower you to stand up for your right to a safe working environment. We can help you hold the harasser and employer accountable for the illegal behavior and the trauma you have suffered.

We have prevailed in sexual harassment lawsuits in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area, including recoveries for retaliation after refusing sexual advances. Contact us today to request a free consultation. We have law offices in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Sausalito.

Consequences For Refusing Sexual Advances at Work

Some people won’t take no for an answer. Refusing the unwelcome advances of a supervisor, co-worker, vendor or customer may evoke any number of responses. The person might get even more aggressive, including sexual assault. A San Francisco sexual assault lawyer can work to hold your attacker accountable. The person may back off for a while, then resume the amorous advances. There may be a backlash, from the harasser or from the management. Or perhaps the harasser is appropriately punished and never bothers you again.

Our attorneys can help you document sexual advances and what happened after you asked the person to stop or reported it to your employer. We will pursue damages and appropriate legal action for any ongoing harassment or retaliation:.

  • Continued sexual harassment
  • Stalking, harassment, threats or violence
  • Hostile working environment
  • Bad-mouthing and damage to your reputation
  • Poor performance reviews or negative employment references
  • Termination, transfer or adverse employment action against you

Refusing sexual advances or reporting the behavior can be a scary prospect. Although you are the victim, you may be accused of inviting the advances or “giving mixed signals.” But if you say nothing, the harassment will only continue and probably get worse. It is critical to contact an attorney so that you make the right moves to protect yourself in every way. The Armstrong Law Firm is on your side, and we will do everything we can to help you get justice and put this nightmare behind you.

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