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The line between work and personal life is increasingly blurred, especially with the advent of social media such as Facebook and 24/7 connectivity via text messaging. You can be the victim of work-related sexual harassment even when you or your harasser is not physically present at the workplace or on duty.

The Armstrong Law Firm has obtained substantial recoveries for sexual harassment. To protect our clients in the evolving workplace of the 21st century, we work hard to keep up with changes in the law and legal precedents, including cases involving electronic and online sexual harassment.

Have you been sexually harassed by a co-worker, supervisor or employer via Facebook, Internet chat room, cellphone or other social media? We vigorously represent employees across the Bay Area in lawsuits for damages. Contact our San Francisco online workplace sexual harassment attorney today for a consultation.

Work-Related Online Sexual Harassment:

Online sexual harassment can be extremely stressful and scary. The harasser can post messages or sexualized images at any time, sometimes anonymously or by posing as someone else. Such harassment tends to be more aggressive, explicit or vicious in nature.

It is important not to engage with the person by responding, especially in a way that sounds like you are condoning or downplaying the behavior. You can let them know that you have a boyfriend or spouse. You can also say, “Please don’t text or write to me like this.”

It is also imperative to preserve evidence and get legal help. Attorney Kelly Armstrong and her knowledgeable and compassionate legal team will walk you through the steps to document and report online sexual harassment so that we can hold the harasser and the employer accountable.

Electronic or online harassment may include derogatory terms and sexual language, sexual come-ons, spreading lies or nasty comments about you, sending nude or pornographic images to you, posting embarrassing photos of you online, stalking behavior, or threats of violence:

  • Postings on Facebook or other social media sites
  • Postings in online chat rooms
  • Texting of harassing messages to your cellphone
  • “Sexting” of obscene images
  • Harassment via your personal or work e-mail accounts

It does not matter if the behavior is outside of work hours or away from the workplace. If someone you work with or work for is harassing you, the employer has an obligation to make it stop and to protect you. Our sexual harassment lawyer in San Francisco is here to make sure your complaints are taken seriously and to see that you get justice.

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