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In sexual harassment and hostile work environment cases, “quid pro quo” is a legal phrase that means your employer is expecting something, usually sexual favors or a date, in exchange for a pay raise, a promotion or special opportunities at work. Formally, it is referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment. Your claim may lack some of the specifics of typical cases, such as inappropriate touching or lewd language, but it can still be sexual harassment. A San Francisco quid pro quo attorney at The Armstrong Law Firm is prepared to take on your case and fight for your right to a safe workplace.

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The Armstrong Law Firm, in San Francisco, is ready to help you file a claim to protect your rights and your job if you need to file a claim for quid pro quo sexual harassment. If you don’t know whether you have a legitimate case, talk to us. We offer a free consultation and handle all sexual harassment litigation claims on a contingency basis. If we don’t recover money in your case, you will not pay attorneys fees.

Our San Francisco sexual harassment lawyer represent clients throughout the Bay Area and California. Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our quid pro quo lawyers.

What Can Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Look Like?

Typically, quid pro quo cases are very straightforward. The types of activity that constitute quid pro quo sexual harassment range from sexual assault and battery to more subtle forms of conduct, such as requesting dates following a pay raise.

After spurning your supervisor or boss’s attempts at a quid pro quo arrangement, it is typical to experience retaliation or a hostile work environment. Victims often experience some form of discrimination, lost promotions or a change of work hours. If you start to feel uncomfortable about your working relationship, you are probably right that you are working in a hostile work environment and sexual harassment is taking place.

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