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Although sexual harassment does not discriminate by gender, there are generally more women who are targeted and sexually harassed than men. Even in today’s modern society, women are on average paid less than men and are still treated differently in the workplace, simply because of their sex. If you are a woman in the workforce who has suffered sexual harassment, it is time to take action and protect your rights. A San Francisco attorney specializing in sexual harassment cases against women can help you explore your legal options and hold the perpetrator responsible for their acts.

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Do not ignore even what is “socially” acceptable in the office culture at your particular place of employment. Sexual harassment is illegal regardless of what your employer or other employees view as appropriate. You should not feel like you are alone in this fight or that you have to stay quiet just to keep your job. The experienced and skilled employment law attorneys at The Armstrong Law Firm can aggressively represent you in a sexual harassment lawsuit against any perpetrators.

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Women Sexually Harassed In The Workplace

Sexual harassment against women can take all sorts of form, whether physical, verbal or emotional. Inappropriate sexual contact and profane/vulgar language are all considered types of sexual harassment.

As a woman, you may be a victim of one or more of these types of sexual harassment:

Many female clients come to us who have suffered sexual harassment but are afraid of being reprimanded or fired for making a legal claim. Federal and state laws protect you, including the California Fair Employment and Housing Act that prohibits both sexual harassment and illegal retaliation against you because you complained about sexual harassment. The Armstrong Law Firm is here to protect all your rights. Let us start discussing your legal options with you today.

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Are you a female who has been repeatedly exposed to inappropriate sexual language at work, sexual advances or degrading comments/emails about women in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, or Santa Clara County? Our top rated sexual harassment attorneys will forcefully assert your rights and hold your employer accountable. For a consultation, call The Armstrong Law Firm at (415) 909-3945 or contact us online.