Sexual Notes, Emails Or Texts In The Workplace

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Sexual harassment does not necessarily involve physical contact or even a face-to-face encounter. Increasingly, sexual harassment occurs in the form of email, voicemail, texting and other electronic communications. Through whatever channel, the effect is the same — unwelcome come-ons, sexual comments or offensive messages that create a hostile work environment.

Whether electronic or a more traditional forum, you should not have to deal with sexualized messages in the workplace. You should not be afraid to turn on your computer or answer the phone.

The Armstrong Law Firm can determine if you have legal recourse under state and federal employment laws. We handle sexual harassment litigation throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Target Of Sexual Notes, Emails Or Texts At Work?

Email, networks and wireless technologies have expanded work-related communication, but have also made it easier than ever to be sexually harassed by a co-worker or supervisor, sometimes anonymously.

Victims often suffer needlessly because they aren’t sure what constitutes sexual harassment or how to assert their rights. Instead, they put up with demeaning or threatening behavior until it affects their work performance, their health, and other facets of work and personal life.

We can determine if sexual notes and other communications are actionable as sexual harassment in San Francisco. This may include communications with sexual come-ons, stalking behavior, pornographic images, sexual jokes or explicit language:

  • Email or instant messaging (IM)
  • Phone calls and voicemail messages
  • Text messages to your cellphone or Blackberry
  • “Sexting” of nude or pornographic pictures
  • Post-it notes or computer printouts with sexual messages
  • Other work-related communications
  • Postings on Facebook and social media

The defense will try to show that the victim was not offended or willingly participated. We know that victims often go along with offensive behavior rather than confront a supervisor or “make waves.” We work hard to focus on offensive behavior that goes too far and how the employer and the harasser responded after a formal complaint of harassment. We also seek to establish that the employee was afraid of being fired if he or she did not put up with their manager’s inappropriate behavior.

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