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Some people claim to be “huggers” or “touchy-feely,” but no one has a right to hug or touch you if it makes you uncomfortable. Unwelcome touching of a sexual nature is often disguised as friendly or paternal behavior. Under the law, it may be considered sexual harassment. An inappropriate touching attorney in San Francisco can help you assert your right to a safe and non-threatening workplace environment.

If you have been subjected to inappropriate touching in the workplace, The Armstrong Law Firm can help you take action to make it stop and hold the harasser accountable. We will help you assert your right and pursue monetary damages for the personal trauma and the financial impact of sexual harassment.

We have prevailed in employment litigation throughout the Bay Area, including recoveries against major companies for sexual harassment. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Inappropriate Touching At Work

Every school kid learns about “good touch” and “bad touch.” Yet in a work setting, victims of harassment often endure unwanted touching for many reasons. It’s not that big a deal. He’s just that way. Am I reading something sinister into something innocent? Will I get this person in trouble? And so the pattern continues or escalates.

It is a big deal and you do not have to endure it. Trust your instincts and let our knowledgeable San Francisco sexual harassment lawyers determine whether you have the foundation of a successful lawsuit. Unwanted touching may take many forms:

  • Groping or grabbing
  • Caressing or “massages”
  • Brushing against your body
  • Hugging
  • Kisses (on the lips, cheek or anywhere)
  • Sitting or standing uncomfortably close to you
  • Hovering over you while you are trying to work

Sexual harassers get a sense of power or thrills from this kind of touching, and they are skilled at passing it off as innocent behavior. Whether it is a supervisor, co-worker or whoever, we will help you put a stop to it or bring suit if the company failed to protect you from further abuse.

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